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Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook—Contents

You can take technical-writing courses associated with this online textbook:

- For credit through the Technical Communications program at Austin Community College (ACC) in Austin, Texas USA.

- Through the online continuing education Technical Writing Certificate Program at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York.


Introduction: Technical Writing and This Course

About technical writing

About technical-writing courses

Examples, Cases & Models: Index

Applications of Technical Writing

Business correspondence and resumes

Technical reports: structure and process

Types of technical reports: an overview

Business plans


Progress reports


User guides

Organizational policies and procedures

Recommendation and feasibility reports

Abstracts, introductions, and conclusions

Oral presentations

Document Design

Book design overview

Page design overview



Special notices

Graphics and tables

Report format and final packaging

Highlighting and emphasis


Processes and Guidelines in Technical Writing

Writing process: from audience to rough draft

Audience analysis

Task analysis

Power-revision techniques

Libraries, documentation, cross-referencing

Basic patterns and elements of the sentence

Common grammar, usage, punctuation problems

Common spelling problems

Strategies for peer-reviewing and team-writing

Information structures

For more: technical-writing courses 
Which is also important is to know how to express what you have written; how to speak in public courses

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