The History of Chinese Medicine


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2. Libraries

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1. Institutions

This section contains some information of universities, colleges and schools which offer courses or programs in the history of Chinese medicine, or which have faculty members with research interests related to the history of Chinese medicine.

1.1 Asia

1.1.1.Chinese Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing)


The CATCM is the leading Chinese research institution for traditional Chinese medicine. Research on medical history is carried out in the CATCM Institute for History of Medicine and Medical Literature (Zhongguo yishi wenxian yanjiu suo). The current director of the medical history institute is ZHENG Jinsheng.

IHMML's many activities include re-publication of rare medical texts. It also offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in medical history. Since 1978, the institute's eight professors have supervised 55 Chinese graduate students. IHMML also previously served as the host unit for two American graduate students conducting doctoral research in Chinese medical history. (The history of the IHMML is summarized in a yearbook produced by the institute, entitled _Xinglin chengxi ji_ [Creating a path in the medical field].)

Library facilities

The CATCM library has the largest and most comprehensive collection of rare medical texts in China. It also has an extensive collection of regional medical journals, secondary works, and modern reprints of rare texts. The library staff is helpful and accustomed to dealing with foreign researchers. The collection is very accessible, and the daily user fees are reasonable. Fees can also be negotiated for longer stays. Reading privileges can be obtained through the head librarian, Mrs. YAN Kangwei.

Library catalogs

There is a published catalog to the CATCM rare book collection, entitled _Guancang zhongyi xianzhuang shumu_ [Index to string-bound books on Chinese medicine held by the library]. This can be purchased from the bookstore on the first floor of the library, as well as from the Zhongyi guji chubanshe [Ancient Chinese medical books publishing house] which has a bookstore located down the street from CATCM. However, there are some rare editions that are not listed in the published catalog, so researchers should also check the library's card indexes on the second and fourth floors (these can be requested from YAN Kangwei). Ordinary books are indexed in the card catalog on the ground floor of the library.

Document reproduction

Photocopying services are available on the second floor of the library. As of September 1995, researchers were charged a handling fee of 1 yuan per volume, plus 4 mao for each small sheet of paper and 5 mao for each large one (very reasonable). However, rare books cannot be photocopied and must be microfilmed. As of September 1995, the microfilming process was costly (10 yuan a frame) and extremely slow, in some cases taking months to complete.

Other services

Finally, there is a computerized union index to medical journals in the library's Information Service Center, next to the periodical reading room. For a fee, one can order a key word or subject search and get a printout of citations from modern medical journals.

1.1.2 Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Taipei)


Overview and Introduction

Four years ago the Institute of History and Philology at Academia Sinica formed a research group focused on the history of Chinese medicine. The goal of this group was to explore the relationship among Chinese medicine, Chinese society and culture.

Since 1992, we have held monthly colloquia in order to provide a forum for scholars to discuss these issues in Taiwan. Many papers have been published after being presented in the colloquia. These papers can be found mainly in Hsin-shih-hsueh (New History) and Shih-yu-so chi-kan (Bulletin of The Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica). (Click on the name of the journal to see lists of articles) These papers mainly cover the following areas:

  1. Conceptions of the body and the notion of "yang-shen" (life nourishment) in ancient China

  2. Medical texts from Ma-wang-tui, the arts of bedchamber, and the formation of medical knowledge in ancient China

  3. The transmission of medical knowledge and the formation of medial canons in ancient China

  4. Abortion, infanticide, reproduction, and the birth of fu-k'o (gynecology)

  5. Confucians and physician in Sung China

  6. Others topics have included colonial medicine in Taiwan, Taoist medicine, Jesuit medicine in the Ming and Ch'ing periods, Wang Ch'ing-jen's medical vision and so on.

As this short list indicates, research has thus far concentrated mainly on medical issues before the T'ang.

We will issue a newsletter and have a symposium in 1997 to further facilitate international discussion among interested scholars. The newsletter will include bibliographical information regarding certain problem areas, relevant library collections, introduction of scholars in the area, short study notes and so on. The symposium is scheduled for June 1997. In addition, we have also set up a research room to collect information on the field as well as primary medical texts. We would be most grateful if interested scholars would send us their c.v., articles or even books. Your contribution to the newsletter is very welcome. In return, we will introduce you and send you our newsletter and/or papers as per your request.

Library resources

At present, we have more than 1000 kinds of medical texts housed in our library. We welcome any exchange of medical materials. Visiting scholars are also welcome.

Contact information

To contact this group in the history of Chinese medicine write me at:

Pingyi Chu
Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica 
Taipei, Taiwan. 
phone: 886-2-652-3102 fax:886-2-786-8834


Academia Sinica 1997 symposium

This is a tentative list of participants and their papers.

  • Lin Fu-shih,"Taoist Medicine in the Six Dynasties"
  • Li Jender, "Female Physicians and their Patients from Han to T'ang "
  • Chin Shih-ch'i, "From Paradigm to Canon: The Development of Medicine in Ancient China"
  • Chu Pingyi, "Texts vs. Experience: Confucians and Physicians in Ch'ing China"
  • Ha Hung-ch'ien & Kao T'ien, "History of Anatomy in Taiwan "
  • Fu Fang, "The Contribution of Female Healers in Traditional China"
  • Kao Hsi, "Medicine and the State: the establishment of the modern medical institution in modern China"
  • Chao, Yuan-ling, "The Three Emperors and Medicine: An Investigation of the Temple of the Three Emperors"
  • Francesca Bray, "Ming-Qing medical cases as a source for family data and female reproductive cultures"
  • Charlotte Furth, "Health, Embodiment and Morality in the Medical Thought of Zhu Zhengheng"
  • Catherine Despeux, "Shen Gua, observer and actor of the medicine of his time"
  • Isida Hidemi, "Environmental medicine and Alchemy During the Yuan and Ming Periods"
  • Shigehisa Kuriyama, "Jinzhang and Yali: The Historical Significance of Some Modern Sensations"
  • Sakade Yoshinobu, "On the Commentaries by Yang Xuancao of Nanjing and Taoist Shangqing Sect"
  • Additional participants (paper titles still pending)
- Paul Unschuld 
- Cheng Chin-sheng
- Chang Chia-feng
- Tu Cheng-sheng
- Hsiao Fan
- Li Chien-ming
- Lin Chung-hsi
- Fan Yen-chiu
- Chen Yuan-peng
- Ki-Che Leung

Bulletin of The Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

Recently published papers pertaining to Chinese medical history

Lee Jen-der, "Childbirth in Late Antiquity and Early Medieaval China," 67.3 (1996):533-654.

Lee Jen-der, "Infanticide and Child Abandonment from Han to Sui," 66.3 (1995):747-812.

Li Chien-min, "Textual Research on the Silk Writing Entitled Diagram for Burying afterbirths from Mawangdui," 65.4 (1994):725-832.

Lin Fu-shih, "Epidemics and Religions in Late Han China," 66.3 (1995):695-745.

Tu Cheng-sheng, "From Veneability to Longevity-Changes in Ancient Chinese Concepts of Life," 66.2 (1995):383-487.


1.1.3National Tsing-hua University (Hsinchu)

The Institute of History at NTHU is the only institution in Taiwan to offer degrees in the history of science (including medicine). Each year, it has three positions in its M.A. program, open to students from all educational backgrounds. Beginning this academic year, it also offers PhD programs in history of science. In addition to three professors who specialize in the history of science, the Institute also invites outside scholars working on the history of science to come to NTHU to lecture.

This semester, NTHU Professor Fu Dai-Wei is teaching courses on "Discursive History of Body in Medicine in Modern West and Taiwan." Next semester, Professor Fu will teach courses on "Sexual Selection- A History in Biology and Its Contemporary Debates." In addition, one of the MA students, Kuo Wen-Hua, is working on the history of medicine in Taiwan. He expects to complete his thesis in June 1997.

Beginning in December 13, 1996, the NTHU Institute of History will sponsor seminars (once every two weeks) on traditional Chinese medicine. The first four meetings will focus on epidemics in Chinese history.

1.2 Europe

1.2.1Needham Research Institute (Cambridge, England)

The Needham Research Institute, which houses the East Asian History of Science Library, is situated in west Cambridge five minutes' walk from the Cambridge University Library, in the grounds of Robinson College. It is the home of the Science and Civilisation in China project, and welcomes researchers from all over the world with an interest in the history of science medicine and technology in East Asia.


In the early 1950s Dr. Joseph Needham embarked on a long-term project to investigate the scientific and technical contribution that the Chinese people have made to human culture. This grew into the Science and Civilisation in China project, which to date has resulted in seventeen substantial published works written by Joseph Needham and his collaborators. Further parts are in preparation. The project has been characterised as "perhaps the greatest single act of historical synthesis and intercultural communication ever attempted _". In the course of this research Joseph Needham began to assemble a unique collection of Chinese, Japanese and Western language materials. The collection's original home was in Gonville and Caius College, where Dr. Needham was Master until his retirement. Its subsequent growth dictated a succession of moves until it finally reached its present purpose-built home which was completed in 1991.

The present

The Institute and its library offer scholars facilities for research and writing unrivalled by any other academic institution in its field. The library now holds about 20,000 titles, including a number of important collectanea, and about 20,000 offprints. The library subscribes to a wide selection of journals, many of which are Chinese publications not available elsewhere in Europe. The process of electronic cataloguing of holdings is well under way, and will eventually enable scholars in all parts of the world to conduct remote searches. The collection is at present in a phase of steady growth, allowing it to maintain its status as a world leader in its field. Whether this continues will depend on the continued generosity of benefactors. The Institute provides its visitors with spacious and peaceful surroundings and a lively intellectual environment. There is ample working space for readers, and long-stay visitors can often be allocated an office of their own. Scholars working in the Institute typically include collaborators on the Science and Civilisation in China project, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on one-year fellowships, and shorter term visitors from around the world. In addition there is a constant stream of academics from the wider Cambridge environment. One of the ways in which the Institute exploits the opportunities provided by its unique role as a meeting place is its regular programme of seminars held weekly throughout the academic year. From time to time the Institute hosts other meetings, ranging from small workshops to full-scale international conferences.

The ultimate responsibility for the management of the Institute now rests with the East Asian History of Science Trust (EAHoST) which is a registered charity. At present the Trust acts through a non-stipendiary Director, who divides his time between Cambridge and travel in East Asia and elsewhere to develop the Institute's international contacts and to investigate fund-raising possibilities. There is a small permanent staff including the Librarian and his assistant, as well as a Secretary.

The future

The Institute and its Library owe their establishment and growth to the generous support of many private and institutional donors. Much of the fund-raising initiative has been taken by the East Asian History of Science Trust's sister bodies in Hong Kong (the East Asian History of Science Foundation) and New York (East Asian History of Science Inc.). The Institute has now reached a stage where it is possible to plan confidently for a long-term future which will nurture and develop its special role as a centre of scholarship. This role will naturally require the continued growth of the library, and the provision of financial and other help for scholars who wish to use it.

The Institute and its supporters, together with the Cambridge University Development Office and the Faculty of Oriental Studies, are agreed on the primary goals to be pursued in the near future. To realise its potential the Institute needs the full-time leadership of a resident senior scholar. Such a Director would not only be able to provide leadership within the Institute, but would also be able actively to exploit the Institute's growing links with the University of Cambridge through the promotion of joint research as well as through undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Funding of the order of one and a half million pounds is therefore being sought to endow a post which will combine the Directorship of the Institute with tenure of a professorial chair within the University. In addition a similar sum is being sought to increase the Institute's endowment to a level that will guarantee its future functioning as an international centre for scholarship, and it is also planned to seek funding for a programme of studentships and fellowships for visiting scholars.


Scholars interested in using the facilities of the Institute should contact the Secretary at the address above. The limitations of our staffing mean that we must ask visitors to call by appointment only.

1.2.2 The Science and Civilisation in Chinaproject

TheScienceand Civilisation in Chinaseries is the work of Joseph Needham and an international team of collaborators, and is published byCambridge University Press in seven volumes. From volume 4 onwards each volume is divided into a number of parts. The project is now proceeding under the guidance of the Publications Board of the Needham Research Institute, chaired by Christopher Cullen.

Only those parts of SCC already published, or for which MSS are complete and in the hands of the Press, are listed here. Other parts are in course of preparation. See the Newsletter of the Needham Research Institute for further details.

I.Introductory OrientationsJoseph Needham, with the research assistance of Wang Ling (1954)

II.History of Scientific ThoughtJoseph Needham, with the research assistance of Wang Ling(1956)

III.Mathematicsand the Sciences of the Heavens and Earth Joseph Needham, with the research assistance of Wang Ling(1959)

IV.Physics and Physical Technology

     1. Physics Joseph Needham, with the research assistance of Wang Ling, and the special co-operation of Kenneth Girdwood Robinson (1962)

     2. Mechanical Engineering Joseph Needham, with the collaboration of Wang Ling(1965)

     3.Civil Engineering and NauticsJoseph Needham, with the collaboration of Wang Ling and Lu Gwei-djen(1971)

V.Chemistry and Chemical Technology

    1. Paper and Printing Tsien Tsuen-Hsuin(1985)

    2. Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Magisteries of Gold and Immortality Joseph Needham, with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-djen(1974)

    3. Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Historical Survey, from Cinnabar Elixirs to Synthetic InsulinJoseph Needham, with the collaboration of Ho Ping-Yu [Ho Peng-Yoke] and Lu Gwei-djen(1976)

    4. Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Apparatus and Theory Joseph Needham, with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-djen, and a contribution by Nathan Sivin (1980)

    5. Spagyrical Discovery and Invention: Physiological Alchemy Joseph Needham, with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-djen(1983)

    6. Military Technology: Missiles and SiegesJoseph Needham, Robin D.S. Yates, with the collaboration of Krzysztof Gawlikowski, Edward McEwen and Wang Ling (1994)

    7. Military Technology: The Gunpowder EpicJoseph Needham, with the collaboration of Ho Ping-Yu [Ho Peng-Yoke], Lu Gwei-djen and Wang Ling (1987)

    9. Textile Technology: Spinning and ReelingDieter Kuhn (1986)

    10.Mining Peter Golas (1999, IN PRESS)

VI.Biology and Biological Technology

    1. Botany Joseph Needham, with the collaboration of Lu Gwei-djen, and a special contribution by Huang Hsing-Tsung(1986)

    2. Agriculture Francesca Bray (1988)

    3. Agroindustries and ForestryChristopher.A. Daniels and Nicholas .K. Menzies (1996)

    5. Fermentations and Food ScienceH.T. Huang(2000, IN PRESS)

    6.Medicine Joseph Needham and Lu Gwei-djen, edited by Nathan Sivin (1999, IN PRESS)

VII.The Social Background

    1.Language and LogicChristof Harbsmeier (1998)


1.2.3 The east Asian history of science library


The Library has its origins in the collections assembled from 1937 onwards by Joseph Needham and Lu Gwei-Djen, from sources both in China and the Western world. It was originally intended for the furtherance of the researches on which theScience and Civilisation in China projectis based. No other collection of the kind exists in the Western world, offering such a unique mixture of primary and secondary works in Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages on the history of Chinese science, technology and medicine. Besides the holdings of books, microfilms, periodicals, offprints and manuscripts, it also contains a large quantity of archival and iconographic material in the form of letters, notes, photographs, maps, etc. which will be of singular benefit to future research in these fields.

Thanks to a grant received from the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange for the years 1992-1995, and a book buying agreement with the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences in Beijing, to the effect that we provide them with a set sum of money each year with which they buy books, serials and other research materials for us, the Library has been able recently to collect systematically, and in reasonable quantities, publications relevant to the SCC project. These include new publications from mainland China and Taiwan, as well as those which have been missed over past years. It has also allowed us to greatly increase our subscriptions to Chinese serials, and special attention has been paid to the acquisition of journals on traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology.

The lack of resources for the purchase of Western language books and journals has also been eased recently by the generous gifts the New York Trustees to support these and other library costs for 1994-1996. Systematic planning for the acquisition of these materials is still a problem, however, there still being no long-term financial security due to the lack of a significant endowment to provide a regular annual income for the Library.

Many of the books in the Library, including the four large collectaneous works mentioned below, were donated by individuals and institutions in East Asia. This is still the case, and we are extremely grateful to all those who have supported the Library in this way, and continue to do so.



The Library now holds about 22,000 titles, focusing on the history of Chinese and East Asian traditional science, technology and medicine. These include four major collectaneous Chinese works:- the Daozang (Daoist Canon), Dazangjing (Tripitika), Siku Quanshu, and Tushu Jicheng. Many of the Library's books are rare, especially in the West. With the current (temporary) funding, the Library has been able to grow at about the rate of about 1000 new titles per year.


Over the years, Dr. Needham amassed a unique and extremely valuable collection of off-prints, many of them unpublished. Now housed according to subject in some 620 box-files, and amounting to over 20,000 items, it is a veritable treasure-trove for visiting scholars. It, too, is being enriched constantly by monographs sent in by scholars from around the world.


There has been considerable reorganisation of the Library's serials recently. The Library now receives over 50 English language and 110 Chinese language journals, as well as several from Japan and Korea. Coverage naturally focuses on the history of science, and includes the most comprehensive collection of traditional Chinese medicine journals from China in Europe. (Link to serial files to be added)


The bulk of Dr. Needham's archives - covering his biochemical work, UNESCO, private life, and other interests - are deposited in Cambridge University Library. They have been catalogued by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists in Bath, who produced a three volume catalogue. Please direct further enquires to:

Dr. Patrick Zutshi, Manuscripts, University Library, West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DR, U.K.

A catalogue was also prepared of Dr. Needham's archives relating to chemical and biological warfare, which are deposited in the Imperial War Museum, London. Please direct further enquiries to:

The Department of Documents, Imperial War Museum, London

The Needham Research Institute has retained the extensive and valuable archives relating to Dr. Needham's preparation of the volumes of Science and Civilisation in China, and other China-related publications. Since these have yet to be professionally archived, however, we regret that access to them is NOT available, except to collaborators working on SCC.


Dr. Needham accumulated a tremendous wealth of photographic material relating to the history of Chinese science, and from his many visits to East Asia, beginning in 1942. Like the archives mentioned above, however, these have yet to be professionally catalogued, and so access to them is not currently available. Illustrations used in the Science and Civilisation in China series are available for reproduction, though usually subject to a reproduction fee of BP50 per item. Please direct all enquiries to the Librarian.

On-line cataloging

Automation of the collection only begain in 1992. As yet very few publications published prior to 1991 and held in the Library are "on-line. It may well be some time before retrospective conversion of the collection can begin.

All new books received at the Library from 1991 are now catalogued "on-line" and stored in the Cambridge University Library on-line public access catalogue, in the Union catalogue of departmental and college libraries. Western language books are full MARC records, with L.C. Subject Headings. - Chinese language books are short records, with no subject headings, in NON-AGGREGATED WADE-GILES (no hyphens required either).


You can access this catalogue from the system through the University Library's Webpages at but to gain access to material in the East Asian History of Science Library you will need to follow the instructions given below.


Accessing CATS (Cambridge University Library OPAC)

Having gained access to CATS, follow instructions until you arrive at the main menu listing 5 options for searching. Choose 3. UNION CATALOGUE OF DEPARTMENTAL AND COLLEGE LIBRARIES. Search for Chinese books in non-aggregated Wade-Giles, NO HYPHENS.

Hints for searching

Unfortunately, the system also does not recognise apostrophes, i.e. it does not distinguish between chi (ji) and ch'i (qi). One can easily imagine the number of "hits" one can get in a search with such a situation. So,

a) If you know the author and title, then use option 1. NAME AND/OR TITLE KEYWORD SEARCH.

b) If you are doing a general title key word search, then try to avoid common words, like Chung Kuo, and be as specific as possible.

c) Get to know the CONCISE search mode. It is very handy once you get the hang of it.


Our serial holdings are in file 4. CAMBRIDGE UNION LIST OF SERIALS. Again, Chinese language holdings are in the same WADE-GILES format. BE WARNED, many of our holding records have not been entered into the system yet. (A link to a complete list of our serial holdings will be added here).

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2 Libraries

Most major university and public libraries will have materials relating to Chinese medicine. It is beyond the scope of this web page to list all such holdings. Instead, this section of the ChiMed page aims to provide information on the most comprehensive collections in different countries and regions, as well as on institutions with unique or noteworthy collections materials.

2.1 North America

United States

2.2 Europe

United Kingdom

2.3 Asia

Mainland China

Primary and secondary sources on Chinese medicine are widely available in mainland China. Besides the libraries of provincial colleges and institutes of traditional Chinese medicine, large provincial and city libraries also have holdings of rare texts and modern books.

The best guide to collections of medical texts in China is the _Quanguo zhongyi tushu lianhe mulu_ [Union catalog to books on Chinese medicine in China],(Beijing: Zhongyi guji chubanshe, 1991). This published catalog indexes holdings from 113 different Chinese libraries and institutions, and provides information about rare editions as well as modern reprints of older works.

The most comprehensive collection in China is housed at the China Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CATCM) in Beijing. Many foreign researchers have conducted research there, using other libraries to find specific editions of texts not held at CATCM.

China is changing rapidly, and its libraries are no exception. The information provided on this webpage is provided only as a point of reference. Please bear in mind that it may be outdated by the time you visit. Many libraries have undertaken projects to move, remodel, or renovate, for example, so addresses and access to collections may have changed.


Academia Sinica (Taipei)


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3. On-line and Electronic Resources

Medicine, science, and technology in East Asia

Medical history sites (other than E. Asia)

Resources on alternative medicine

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4. Course Syllabi

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5. Directory of Scholars


This is a directory of scholars around the world who study the history, anthropology, or sociology of Chinese medicine.

A-D     E-J    K-O    P-T    U-Z


Department. of Anthropology
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521-0418

Tel: (909) 787-5523


Areas of interest:  Cultural and political ecology; medical anthropology.  In Chinese medicine:  Chinese traditional nutrition and nutritional therapy; medical ethnobiology; everyday medical practice in traditional Chinese society.



Assistant Professor
Department of History
Bentley College
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA  02452

Areas of Interest: medicine and empire, popular therapeutics in Chinese (and Western) medicine, the international trade in medicinals, ca. 18th-20th centuries



Associate Professor
Department of Asian Studies
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z2 CANADA

Tel.: 604-822-4478


Research interests:  I am an historian of Korean culture, particularly traditional religion, philosophy, and science. Recently I published an article-length history of Chinese medicine in Korea.



Associate Professor
Boston University School of Medicine
91 East Concord Street, 4102
Boston, MA 02139

TEL: 617-414-4534 (office)
FAX: 617-414-3679

Areas of interest: My research focuses on the social history and anthropology of Western
perceptions of, and responses to, Chinese medicine and other healing traditions.



Associate Professor
Department of History
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C. 20057

T: (1) (202) 687-5813
F: (1) (703) 841-1030

Areas of Interest: social history of disease, public health in twentieth-century China, plague, leprosy, social control of disease


James A. BENN

Department of Religious Studies 
McMaster University
University Hall, Room 105
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4K1

T: (905) 525 9140, ext 24210
F:(905) 525 8161


Areas of Interest: Chinese Buddhism, history of self-immolation in China, tea



Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine 
916 NE 65th Street, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98115

(T) (206) 524-2724 (w)
F: (1) (206) 526-1932

Areas of Interest: Han medical texts, Shanghan lun, variety of approaches to disease in Chinese medicine (modern and premodern)


Daria BERG

Department of East Asian Studies
University of Durham
Durham DH1 3TH

T: (44) (191) 374-3249
F: (44) (191) 374-3242

Areas of Interest: Ming/Qing fiction and history (including medical practices), contemporary Chinese fiction



PhD Candidate
Ludwig-Maximillian University, Munich

Elligersweg 16
22307 Hamburg

T: (49) (40) 630-6351

Areas of Interest: Chinese Medicine, Song to Ming, esp. fangjixue


Francesca BRAY

Professor of Social Anthropology
University of Edinburgh
Adam Ferguson Building, George Square
Edinburgh EH 8 9LL, U.K.

Tel: (44) 131-651-3863
Fax: (44) 131-650-3945

Areas of Interest: reproductive technologies and cultures in late imperial China



Research Professor of Chinese
Warring States Project
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

39 Hillside Road
Northampton MA 01060-2119 USA

Tel: 413-584-1810
Fax: 413-582-9119

Areas of Interest: All aspects of Warring States history and society, including growth of specialization in medicine and the geographical sources of materia medica.



Post Office Box 260016
University Station
Madison, Wisconsin 53726

Web site:

Areas of Interest: Theory, production, distribution, adoption, and use of smallpox vaccine lymph from calves to 1898, its impact on global practices. Member of International Network for the History of Public Health (INHPH) and the Sigerist Circle for the History of Medicine.


Dr. Paul D. BUELL

6206 25th Ave., N.E.
Seattle, Washington, 98115

T: (206) 528-0257
F: (206) 522-2720

Areas of Interest: History of Chinese herbal medicine; Islamic medicine in China; Chinese medicine in the United States. Lead author of study and translation of theYin-shan cheng-yao and Historical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine(Scarecrow, 2004).


CAI Jingfeng

Research Fellow, Professor
China Institute for History of Medicine, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
No. 18, Beixingcang
Dongzhimen Nei
Beijing 100700

T: (86) (1) 6401-7304
F: (86) (1) 6401-7304

Areas of Interest: Chinese medical history, medical history of Chinese minorities, Tibetan medical history



Independent scholar
Piazza del Municipio 7
52043-Castiglion Fiorentino(Tuscany)-Italy


Areas of Interest:  Field of study is linguistics.  Current research focuses on  the definitions of the acupoints in Lingshu and Suwen


Chia-Feng CHANG

Department of History
National Taiwan University
1, Sec.4, Roosevelt Road
Taipei, Taiwan

F: (886) (2) 362-0028

Areas of Interest: pediatrics and epidemics in Chinese history. (See abstract ofPh.D thesis)


Yuan-ling CHAO

Assistant Professor
History Department
Middle Tennessee State University
Box 23, MTSU
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

T: (1) (615) 898-2629
F: (1) (615) 893-2711 [home & fax]

Areas of Interest: relationship between medicine and society in late imperial China, physicians in Suzhou, Three Emperor's Temples, experience versus knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine.


Hsien-yu CHIN

PhD candidate
History Department
SUNY at Stony Brook
New York, NY 11790

T: (1) (516) 216-5137

Areas of Interest: Problematics: gender/medicine/colonialism; specialization: public health,women's diseases,psychiatry; Fields: Modern Taiwan medical history, Modern China medical history, America medical history since the Civil War


Hsiu-fen CHEN

PhD Candidate
Department of History
School of Oriental and African Studies 
University of London

Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United Kingdom

Areas of Interest: Madness in pre-modern China; psychiatry in modern European; medicine and religions in cultural history.


Shih-ch'i CHIN

PhD Candidate
Department of History
National Taiwan University
Institute of History and Philology, Rm 606 
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei 115

Areas of Interest: Medical and social history of ancient China


Pingyi CHU

Research Fellow
Institute of History and Philology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei 115

T: (886) (2) 652-3102
F: (886) (2) 786-8834

Areas of Interest: history of science, astronomy, and medicine


Christopher CULLEN

Needham Research Institute
8, Sylvester Road
Cambridge, England

Areas of Interest: Chinese science and medicine, seen in broad social and historical context



MA Candidate
History Department
Keele University
Newcastle Under Lyme

T: (44) (1782) 245-440

Areas of Interest: effect of the political upheaval of the Cultural Revolution on health care in China



Research Fellow
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 
Pune, 411004 INDIA

76/37A, Erandawana
Pune 411004, India.

Tel. 91-20-361282

Areas of Interest: History of Ancient Indian Science and Technology, especially alchemy, chemistry and medicine. Transmission of scientific ideas between China and India, related to the above fields.


Catherine DESPEUX

Professor of University
Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Paris
2, rue de Lille
75007 Paris

T: (33) (47) 50.12.19
F: (33) (47) 50.39.22

Areas of Interest: Six Dynasties and Song period representations of the Chinese body, health and daily life (_yangsheng_)



Professor of East Asian Studies and History 
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

Tel:: 609-258-4287
Fax: 609-258-6984


Areas of Interest: History of Chinese science



Postdoctoral lecturer candidate
Institute for East Asian Studies
University of Munich
Kaulbachstr. 51 a
D-80802 Mnchen

T: (49) (89) 271-9522
F: (49) (89) 271-0703

Areas of Interest: Tang and Han history, relations between Taoism and Chinese medicine, dietetics, yangsheng, qigong, taiji quan, modern application of Chinese medicine


FANG Xiaoping

Ph. D Candidate
Department of History
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge Crescent
119260, Singapore

Tel: (65) 9749 5718

Areas of interest:  At present, I am writing my Ph. D dissertation on barefoot doctors and
Cooperative Medical Services in rural China, 1949-1983.



Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
CB # 3115
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3115

T: (1) (919) 962-8090, (1) (919) 962-1243 
F: (1) (919) 962-1613

Areas of Interest: contemporary practice of Chinese medicine in China, medical anthropology, social theory, Chinese popular culture.



Centre for Asian Studies
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5000

Areas of Interest: plague in China



Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac. & C.H.
Editor-in-Chief, Blue Poppy Press
5441 Western Ave. #2
Boulder, CO 80301
Tel: 303-447-8372
Fax: 303-245-8362

Areas of interest:  All aspects of Chinese medical history


Carsten FLOHR

Clinical medical student
Oxford Medical School
Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3UH

T: (44) (1865) 271-557

Areas of Interest: "Wuyun liuqi" and itinerant doctors



Associate Professor
Department of Classical Chinese Medicine 
National College of Naturopathic Medicine 
049 SW Porter Street
Portland, OR 97201

T: (1) (503) 499-4343 ext. 188
F: (1) (503) 297-0957

Areas of Interest: Fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine as introduced in Warring States, Qin, and Han cosmology; relationship between Daoism and Chinese medicine; yangsheng; gejia xueshuo; fangji xue


Daiwie FU

Institute of History
National Tsing-Hua University

T: (886) (3) 571-5131 x4468
F: (886) (3) 571-6780

Areas of interest: contemporary cultural history of medicine in Taiwan, gender/body/medicine in Taiwan, modern European history of gender/medicine, sexuality/sexology/Foucault


Charlotte FURTH

Department of History
University of Southern California
University Park
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0034

T: (1) (310) 837-9074, (1) (213) 740-1668 
F: (1) (213) 740-6999

Areas of Interest: history of medicine in late imperial China, medicine and gender; medical case histories.



MA Health Sciences with emphasis on medical anthropology
Oriental College, Intercultural Open University
Haarlemmermeerstraat 112-116
1058 KG Amsterdam, Holland

Tel:  0031(0)204081228, 

Areas of Interest:  Chinese medicines and psychology, religious culture and Chinese medicine conceptualisation, modern history of Chinese medicine. Qigong methodology as a tool to clarify Chinese medicine terminology.


Zibin GUO

Department of Social Medicine/Division on Aging 
Harvard Medical School
643 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

T: (1) (617) 432-2618
F: (1) (617) 734-4432

Areas of Interest: Culture and medicine; cultural and social construction of health beliefs and health care behavior; self-care; cross cultural mental health in aging; research methods



Assistant Professor
Department of the History of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Welch Library, 3rd floor
1900 E. Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21205-2113

Areas of Interest: the history of medicine and disease, Qing history, science studies, gender studies. Dissertation, 1997: "Inventing a Tradition in Chinese Medicine: From Universal Canon to Local Medical Knowledge in South China, the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century"



Practitioner/teacher of internal Chinese Arts 
Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan Japan

JAMSF - Japan Acupuncture and Moxibustion Skills Foundation 
2-23-14-101 Ohashi Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0044 Japan 

Tel: 03-3485-4160 

Areas of interest: I have a general interest in traditional Chinese Medicine and teach and practice various internal arts of China. I participate in activities and study groups associated with JAMSF.



East Asian Languages and Civilizations.
University of Chicago
5801 South Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Areas of Interest: Warring States, Qin, and Han natural philosophy and occult thought; Mawangdui medical manuscripts; Chinese macrobiotics.  Author of Early Chinese Medical Literature(London:  Kegan Paul, 1997)



Assistant Professor of History
450 McGraw Hall
Department of History
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4601 

Areas of Interest: Song period history, demonic diseases and responses to them, contagion, responses to epidemics, official attempts to disseminate medical knowledge and "transform" local customs



Associate Research Fellow, Associate Professor 
China Institute for History of Medicine, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
No. 18, Beixingcang
Dongzhimen Nei
Beijing 100700

T: (86) (1) 6401-7304
F: (86) (1) 6401-7304

Areas of Interest: Chinese medical history, minority medicine, Tibetan medicine

Areas of Interest: Forthcoming dissertation entitled "Opium Smoking in late Qing China: Chinese and Western Responses to a Social Problem, 1858-1915"


HSIUNG Ping-chen

Research Fellow
Institute of Modern History
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei 115

Areas of Interest: History of pediatrics


Elisabeth HSU

University Lecturer
Course Director for M Sc and M Phil in Medical Anthropology
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Oxford University
51 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6JB

Tel:  (01865) 274.681
Fax: (01865) 274.630 

Areas of interest: Chinese medicine (contemporary practices in the PRC and Africa; Han period texts), medical anthropology, anthropology of Southwest China


HU Weiguo

Postgraduate, Assistant Director of Acupuncture Clinic
Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
No.18, Beixincang, Dongzhimen Nei
Beijing, CHINA

Tel/Fax: 86-10-64062467
Web page:

Areas of Interest: History of qigong, philosophy of Taoism, medical anthropology, and TCM diagnosis. Now using the QOL to evaluate the effect of acupressure, qigong.



TCM Practitioner
RMIT (Melbourne), Nanjing University of TCM

170 The Avenue Coburg
Victoria, Australia 3058 

Areas of Interest:Huangdi neijingand all TCM literature



Assistant Professor
Institute of History
National Central University
Chung-li 32054

T: (886) (2) 652-3113
F: (886) (3) 425-5123

Areas of Interest: social and religious history of Late Imperial China, especially Taoist and popular rituals to deal with epidemics; plague cults and festivals in late imperial and modern Taiwan



PhD Candidate
Department of Korean History
Seoul National University

T: (82) (2) 880-6175
F: (82) (2) 871-3526

Areas of Interest: Medical relationship between China and Korea in pre-modern period; discourse on 'BODY' in Korea



Maude and Lillian Presley Professor of Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry
Departments of Anthropology and Social Medicine 
Harvard University
330 William James Hall
33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

T: (1) 617/495-3846

Areas of Interest: Illness, experience, and work of doctoring in Chinese communities; depression; neurasthenia; political violence, suicide; and mental health care responses.


Michael Reid KREUZER

Student of Medicine Buddha, Practitioner of Chinese, Tibetan and
East Indian Ayurvedic herbology

Medicine Buddha Healing Center at the Institute for World
Religions, and the Ayurvedic Institute

2304 McKinley Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703  USA
Tel: (1) (510) 848-3440
Fax: (1) (510) 548-4551

Areas of Interest: Buddhism's influence on Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian medicine; comparison of herbs, mantras, mandalas, mudras, color, sound, and aromatherapy in China, Tibet, India.


KUO Wen-hua

Doctoral Student
Program in Science, Technology and Society 
Massachussetts Institute of Technology

305 Memorial Drive #517B
Cambridge MA 02139
Tel&Fax: 617-225-9843


Areas of Interest: traditional and Western medicine in society, interactions between patients and those carrying out medical policies, body knowledge and responses to hospitalization


Shigehisa KURIYAMA

Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University
2 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

T: (1) (617) 496-0926

Areas of Interest: Comparative history of medicine in East Asia and Europe



Universite de Rennes 2 Haute-Bretagne
U.F.R. de Langues - Departement multilangue 
6, avenue Gaston Berger
35043 RENNES Cedex

Tel. : +33 02 99 14 17 01


16, rue du Thabor
35000 Rennes
Tel. & fax : +33 (02) 99 36 71 25

Areas of interest : The formation of Chinese medicine around Han period, with special reference to the Neijing; the conception of the Body in early Chinese medicine.


Jender LEE

Assistant Research Fellow
Institute of History and Philology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei 115

T: (886) (2) 652-3129
F: (886) (2) 786-8834

Areas of interest: women's history, family history, legal history, childbirth in early medieval China


Hsiang-lin (Sean) LEI

Assistant Professor
Institute of History
National Tsing-hua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan 30043

Tel: (03)5715131 Ext. 4479
Fax: (03)5716780

Areas of interest: science studies, evolutionary theory, 20th cent. Chinese medicine.


Angela K. LEUNG

Research Fellow
Sun Yatsen Institute of Social Sciences and Philosophy 
Academia Sinica
Nangang, Taipei 115

F: (886) (2) 785-4160

Areas of Interest: social history of medicine, medical institutions of the Song-Qing, leprosy, syphilis, small pox


LIN Fu-shih

Associate Research Fellow
Institute of History and Philology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei 115

T: (886) (2) 652-3189
F: (886) (2) 786-8834

Areas of Interest: history of religions (especially Chinese shamanism and Taoism), history of diseases and healing, popular culture



Ph.D candidate 

IMS Instituto de Medicina Social
UERJ Universidade do Estado do Rio de

Mailing Address:
Rua Carvalho Azevedo 39 apto 201,
22.471-220 Rio de Janeiro, RJ,


Brief statement of research interests: Presently doing research work for my Ph.D dissertation on Chinese Medicine. Focus on certain categories of Classical Chinese Medicine which have been excluded or inadequately treated by the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" school of thought, with special emphasis on the influence of classical cosmology/cosmogony on Classical Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine (contemporary practices; Han Period texts).


LIU Shi-yung

Research Assistant

Institute of Taiwanese History
Academia Sinica
Taipei, 115 Taiwan

T: (2) 2788-0539 ext. 387
F: (2) 788-1956

Areas of Interest: I am working on a thesis entitled "Medical Reform in Colonial Taiwan." My goal is to understand how Japanese used modern medicine to tempering Taiwanese society. I will fully examine subjects such as tropical medicine, hygienic policing, and demographic analysis.



Assistant Professor
History Department
Rutgers University
16 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Tel: (732) 932-7398,  (732)-613-0168
Fax: (732) 932-6763

Areas of interest: history of Daoism, Daoist alchemy practice during late imperial China, folk and Daoist healing techniques of the Ming and Qingperiod.

Susan O. LONG

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology
John Carroll University
University Height, OH 44118

T: (1) (216) 397-1685
F: (1) (216) 397-4376

Areas of Interest: Biomedicine in Japan; mutual influence of East Asian medicine and biomedicine in Japan, China, and US; Bioethics and culture



Faculty of Humanities
Ibaraki University
2-1-1, Bunkyo, Mito 310-0056

T: (81) (29) 228-8194

F: (81) (29) 228-8194

Areas of Interest: Comparative history of medicine in China and Japan, Bibliography of medical books in China and Japan



Australian Council for Chinese Medicine Education (ACCME)

Australian College of Natural Medicine (Brisbane & Gold Coast)
University of Western Sydney
5 Quartz Place, Carrara, Qld, 4211

Tel: (07) 55711166, (0416) 251690

Areas of interest:  History of acupuncture, different schools of thought, history of points and channels, development of TCM theory esp systems of pattern differentiation


James (Jim) McGOUGH

Independent Scholar (Affiliate Researcher) 
University of Washington

7531 14th Avenue Northeast
Seattle WA 98115

Areas of Interest: "Traditional" concepts of drug dependence and the cure of such dependence; the use of opium and opioids in medicine.


Angelika C. MESSNER

Assistant Professor
Institute for Chinese Studies 
Kiel University
Leibnizstr. 10
D-24118 Kiel

Tel. (0049) 431/880-1727
fax. (0049) 431/8801598

Areas of interest: History of Chinese medicine  (especially late imperial China), theory and practice, body history, emotions within the medical discourse in pre-republican medical texts.  Ph.D. dissertation examined medical discourse of madness in late imperial China.  Current book manuscript project uses 17th century medical texts to examine the history of the body.



Institute of Languages and Cultures
Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies 
Kyushu University
Ropponmatsu, Chuoku
Fukuoka-City 810

T/F: (81) (92) 726-4690

Areas of Interest: history of Euro-Japanese cultural relations, introduction of Western medicine in Japan, introduction of Eastern medicine in Europe)



PhD Candidate
East Asian Languages and Civilizations 
Harvard University
2 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

T: (1) (617) 496-6005
F: (1) (617) 496-6040

Areas of interest: Cultural and intellectual history of Song-Yuan-Ming China; particular interest in using food- and medicine-related sources for doing cultural history



East Asian History of Science Library
Needham Research Institute
8 Sylvester Road
Cambridge CB3 9AF


Tel: (0)1223-311545 ext.223


Margaret W. S. NG

Independent scholar

Block 232 Bain Street #17-21
Singapore 180232

Tel : (65) 337-9468, (65) 3382774
Fax: (65) 337-9468


Areas of interest: Traditional Chinese medicine, history of Chinese medicine, gender studies, and general Chinese history.



Chargé de conférences
École Pratique des Hautes Études, 4e section 
Sciences historiques et philologiques
45-47, rue des Écoles
75005 Paris

Route de Laval
77120 Maupertuis

T: (33) (64) 03-07-20 (H)
F: (33) (40) 46-31-39 (O)

Areas of Interest: Cultural and technical history of pharmaceutics; history of natural subtsances, history of diseases, history of the concept of nature



Assistant Professor in Chinese Civilization 
Program in Chinese Civilization
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA 18104

T: (1) (610) 821-3642/[H] (1) (610) 437-2788 
F: (1) (610) 821-3234

Areas of Interest: Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to Chinese philosophy and Chinese literature; clinical theory of TCM


Therese PARSONS, BPhil LicAc MBAcC

Research Coordinator
Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland
Flat 12 Hillcote Mansions
2 Atlantic Rd
Weston-super-mare BS23 2DG
North Somerset, United Kingdom

T: (44) (01) (934) 417882

Areas of Interest: Classical texts, clinical trials, research methodology, TCM, systems approach, concepts in quantum physics, measuring health, biomedical approach to TCM research (limitations and advantages).


Veronica PEARSON

Department of Social Work and Social Administration 
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road

T: (852) 28592070/28592288
F: (852) 28587604

Areas of Interest: Mental health services and policy in China and Hong Kong; gender issues in China and Hong Kong including commercial sexuality; disability in China and Hong Kong



PhD Candidate
History Department
University of Pittsburgh
3P01 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA  15260

 Tel: 1-724-532-2073

Areas of interest:  history of western obstetrics and gynecology in China, gender and medicine, medical professionalization, Chinese Republican and Nationalist health policy


William POWELL

Associate Professor
East Asian Languages and Cultures
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Tel: (805) 893-4455

Areas of Interest: Sacred space in late imperial china; the relationship between religious and medical understandings and uses of the body.



Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Philosophie, TEL 14-7
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
10587 Berlin, Germany

Areas of Interest: Taoism, Chinese alchemy (waidan and neidan)



Department of Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages
University of California
Riverside CA 92521-0321 USA

T: (1)(909) 787-5007 x1270
F: (1)(909) 787-2160

102 E. Manfield Street
Riverside CA 92507
Tel: (909) 781-7172

Areas of Interest: Recent publications include Lisa Raphals, Sharing the Light: Representations of Women and Virtue in Early China. Albany NY: SUNY Press, 1998; Lisa Raphals, "The Treatment of Women in a Second-Century Medical Casebook." Chinese Science, 1998:7-28.



University of Adelaide, South Australia
19 Blackler Street
Semaphore, South AUSTRALIA 5019

Tel/fax: 0011 618 8242 2957


Research interests:  The history of hospitals (medical institutions) in China, cross-cultural transfer of
institutions and technologies, architecture, financing, administration. PhD dissertation (December 2003) entitled:  "Accomodating the Chinese: the American Hospital in China, 1880-1920."  


Orlando Mejía RIVERA

University of Caldas
Manizales, Caldas

[Home address]
Carrera 22 No 56-24 Apartamento 404
Manizales, Caldas

T: 85-91-61

Areas of Interest: History of medicine and Chinese philosophy. I am currently writing a book on the history of Asian medicine, especially Chinese medicine and Indian medicine.



Licensed acupuncturist
Oriental Medical Center
509 Olive Way, Suite 1338
Seattle, WA  98101

T: (1) 206) 920-5205


Areas of Interest:  Application of classical Chinese medicine in western clinical settings, translation and clinical interpretation of classical texts.  Current projects focus on Nanjing studies, and classical channel theory.



Director of Study
Xin-Chinese Philosophy and Medicine Center 
3/A Hazohar Street Tel-Aviv, 62507

Areas of Interest: For 10 years I have been working on the connection between Chinese philosophy and medicine. Mostly interested in Stems and Branches, I Ching, Astronomy and its effect, and the understanding of Acupuncture.



Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
237 Vista Verde
Carmel Valley, California 93924-9609

Tel: (831) 659-4733
Fax: (831) 659-4733

Areas of Interest: Archæology, cultural geography, and ancient and mediæval history, especially pertaining to religio-philosophical symbolism and folk medicine/traditional Chinese medicine and related biomedical practices and customs. Currently engaged in translating the Shan hai jing, or "The Classic of the Mountains and Seas."


Franz-Rudolph A. SCHMIDT

Ostasiatisches Seminar
University Goettingen

Postal address:
37073 Goettingen
Waldhausweg 26, 5th floor

Areas of Interests:  Medico-technology of late antique China, ethnological and medico-technological data transported by late antique text-culture, specialized on medico- and pharmacography of the Southern Courts (317-589), textual history of theShennong bencao jing.  Editor of the on-line journal Materia Medica Sinica (www.materia medica



Associate Professor
Department of History
University of Nevada
Reno, NV 89557-0037

T: (1) (775) 784-6451
F: (1) (775) 784-6805

Areas of Interest: psychiatric illness in China during the Republican Period (1912-1949), period-specific disorders, changing attitudes toward contagion. Dissertation (Harvard, 1995): "The View from a Chinese Asylum: Defining Madness in 1930s Peking"


Nathan SIVIN

Department of History and Sociology of Science 
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6304
T: (1) (215) 898-8400

8125 Roanoke Street
Philadelphia, PA 19118-3949
T: (1) (215) 242-1596

Areas of Interest: all areas of history of Chinese science and medicine


Lowell SKAR

Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences
University of Michigan, Dearborn
Dearborn, MI

Areas of Interest: Chinese alchemy, Daoism, and popular forms of healing; science, medicine, and religion in Chinese culture and society from the Tang to Ming dynasties


Hilary SMITH

Ph.D. candidate
University of Pennsylvania
History and Sociology of Science Department
303 Logan Hall
249 S. 36th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Tel: 215-898-4643

Areas of interest: history of Chinese science, medicine, and society; history of Western medicine.


Richard J. SMITH

Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies  
Rice University
6100 South Main Street
Houston, TX 77005-1892

Tel:  (713) 348-4947
Fax: (713) 348-5207


Areas of interest:  I am interested in the relationship between Chinese medicine and other forms of "applied cosmology," including divination. See my bookFortune-tellers and Philosophers(Westview Press, 1991).


Stephen R. SMITH

Associate Professor of Anthroplogy
Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio 45501

T: (1) (937) 327-7056/[H] (1) (937) 390-9584 
F: (1) (937) 327-6340

Areas of Interest: Medical anthropology; East Asia, especially Japan, then Korea; food culture, alcohol use/abuse and treatment; alternative therapies


Licensed Acupuncturist, Professor
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
1807-B Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

T: (1) (310) 453-8300

Areas of interest: Traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicines, point injection therapy, reinterpretation of biomedical research through the eyes of TCM.


Nikolaus SUCHER

Assistant Professor
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Department of Biology
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong SAR

Tel: (852)23587306
Fax: (852)23581559

Areas of interest: History and development of TCM, particularly pharmacology. Current research involves identifying the active principles in TCM ingredients with neuroprotective properties.


William C. SUMMERS

Graduate Program in History of Medicine and Science 
Yale University
333 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT 06520-8040

T: (1) (203) 785-2980
F: (1) (203) 785-6309

Areas of Interest: History of Chinese science and medicine; history and philosophy of 19th and 20th C. (Western) biological science and medicine



Department of History
McGill University
855 Sherbrooke Street W
Montreal H3A 2T7

T: (1) (514) 398-4865

Areas of interest: ritual, official, and medical responses to epidemic disease



Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in the History of Chinese Medicine
Needham Research Institute
8 Sylvester Road
Cambridge CB3 9AF
Tel: 01223-311545/(direct line) 01223-472874
Fax: 01223-362703

Areas of interest: Recent history of Chinese medicine.  Her PhD thesis,  'Medicine of Revolution' (University of Cambridge, 2000), looked at the institutionalization and standardization of Chinese medicine in early Communist China, 1945-1963.  Her current research project is on the medical, social and political reactions to cholera in China, 1862-1932.



Assistant Professor
Department of History
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent St.
New Haven, CT 06515

T: (1) (203) 392-5614

Areas of interest: Ancient Southeast Asia, Modern Southeast Asia, Sino-Vietnamese medicine and Nom


Xiaoli TIAN

Ph.D. student
Department of Sociology
University of Chicago

5112 S. Woodlawn Ave., Apt. 2K
Chicago, IL 60615

Tel: 773-517-9742

Areas of interest:  I am interested in how the medical missionaries introduced western medicine into 19th-century China and its relationship with traditional Chinese Medicine.



History and Philosophy of Science
The University of Melbourne
243 Waterdale Rd.
Ivanhoe 3079

T: (61) (3) 94991362
F: (61) (3) 94974996

Areas of Interest: The notion of theory-as-practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); TCM practice .and the broader philosphical Daoist frame (See abstract ofM.Sc.thesis)



Professor and Director of the Institute of the History of Medicine 
Munich University
Institute of the History of Medicine
D-80336 München

T: (49) (89) 5160 2751, 5160 2752
F: (49) (89) 536 195

Areas of Interest: history of medicine in China, especially history of prerepublican Chinese medical literature, medical ethics, pharmaceutics, and systems of ideas; transmission of TCM to Europe



Adjunct professor
Columbia College
Chicago, IL

711 S. Dearborn 506
Chicago, IL, 60605

Tel: (1) (312) 987-9808

Areas of interest:   Chinese religion (Taoism and Buddhism), inner alchemy (neidan) and female alchemy (nudan) in late imperial China, female phyisiology.   Ph.D. dissertation:  "Beheading the Red Dragon:  a History of Female Inner Alchemy in Late Imperial China," School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2003.



L.Ac., MSOM, BA Philosophy
Cinnabar Swan Healing Arts
944 C Street, Ashland, OR 97520
Tel: (541) 482-3493; no fax

Areas of Interest: Medical anthropology as it relates to oriental medicine and shamanism; editorial assistance with translations of original texts into English for publication.



Assistant Professor
Department of History
Purdue University
1358 University Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1358

T: (1) (765) 494-4149
F: (1) (765) 496-1755

Areas of Interest: Warring States to Han China cosmology, ritual, religion, divination, body, cultivation of life, medicine, social, cultural, political histories, science and technology, archaeology; anthropology of Modern China


Hsiu-yun WANG

PhD Candidate

Department of History of Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison
7143 Social Science
1180 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706

T/F: (608) 242-9746

Areas of Interest: History of modern biology, history of social sciences, history of western medicine in 19th-century China and Taiwan



Graduate Student
Department of Anthropology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
906 A. Dawes Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

T: (1) (919) 967-6807

Areas of Interest: medical anthropology, Chinese medicine, China



Chi-lin Institute (for Traditional Chinese Cultural Studies) 
6111 No. 2 Road
Richmond, BC V7C 3L3

T/F: (1) (604) 272 0258

Areas of Interest: Practices related to Yijing, fengshui, fortune-telling, Taoist rites; the treatment of physical and spiritual disturbances using Yijing principles


Sabine WILMS

Adjunct Professor
Department of History
Pima Community College
4905 East Broadway Blvd.
Tucson Arizona   85709-1010


Faculty member
Asian Institute of Medical Studies

Areas of interest: Natural philosophy, religion and medicine in early and medieval China; history of Chinese gynecology and obstetrics; TCM in contemporary US.



Professor, History of Medicine, Orthopaedics 
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
455 Arkansas Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

T: (1) 707-255-5124
F: (1) (707) 255-0688

Areas of Interest: history of medicine, historical and philosophical foundations of ancient medical philosophy, particularly ancient Chinese, Greek and Egyptian


Yi-Li WU

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Albion College
611 E. Porter St.
Albion, MI 49224

T: (517) 629-0233
F: (517) 629-0428

Areas of Interest: gynecology and obstetrics in late imperial China, social context of Chinese medical development, history of medical practitioners in China


Chen XIN

Associate Professor and Deputy Director
Shenzhen Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Wetern Medicine 
Director, Dept.of Research and Education
Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital

Shenzhen Institute of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine
Shenzhen Red Cross Hospital
Shenzhen 518029 Guangdong

T: (86) (755) 3214812 or (86) (755) 3211323 
F: (86) (755) 3356952

Areas of Interest: medical philosophy in Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine.


Xiaoqun (David) XU

Assistant Professor
History Department
Francis Marion University
Florence, SC 29501

T: (1) (803) 661-1554
F: (1) (803) 661-1432

Areas of Interest: social history of Republican China, conflict between Chinese native medicine and modern medicine in Shanghai in the Republican Period


Xiangyin YANG

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of History
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Postal address: 

B402, PGH4,
Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong


T: 00852-31635395


Areas of interest: Colonial Medicine, Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine in Chinese Societies, History of Disease, Health and Medicine in Hong Kong


Robin D.S. YATES

Department of History and of East Asian Studies 
McGill University
3434 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1X9

T: (1) (514) 398-6741
F: (1) (514) 398-1882

Areas of Interest: newly discovered texts (Mawangdui, Zhanjiashan), military science, history of women, early Chinese philosophy


Ka-che YIP

Department of History
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250

Areas of Interest: History of public health in modern and contemporary China; history of malaria in China



Visiting Professor Ethnomusicology
Sichuan Conservatory of Music
No. 6 Xinsheng Road
Chengdu Sichuan 610021

T: (86) (28) 558-1400 x3358

Areas of Interest: Qiangzu shamanism



PhD Candidate
Stanford University
P.O. Box 3426
Stanford, CA 94309

T: (1) (415) 497-5363
F: (1) (415) 725-O605

Areas of Interest: anthropology of science and medicine; reconfiguration of traditional Chinese medicine in the U.S. context; dialogue between biomedicine and traditional Chinese medicine


Daqing ZHANG

Associate Professor of History of Medicine 
Center for History of Medicine
Beijing Medical University
38 Xueyuan Road Beijing 100083

Areas of Interests: modern and contemporary Western medicine in China, medical anthropology and medical culture, social history of medicine.


Everett Yuehong ZHANG

Assistant Professor
The State University of New York at Buffalo
Department of Anthropology
State University of New York
Buffalo, NY 14261  USA

Tel: 716-645-2414 ex. 106
Fax: 716-645-3808


Areas of interest:  Nanke (men's medicine), the transformation of TCM, the cultivation of life, and the governance of life.


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