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  The Natural History Museum, London Search the World's Largest Natural History Library - clickLibrary Catalogue
Search the NHM Host-Parasite Database (helminths)
Molecular Biology of Schistosomes
Deep-sea Fish Parasites
Mange and Myiasis in Livestock
Parasites: Archive of talks
  The Virtual Library: Bio Sciences  
  Cordis - EC Funding Database  
  Sunet Animal Photos Hosts!


Main Parasitology Resources Compilations

  The American Society of Parasitologists  
  Metin Korkmaz - Parasitology Resources  
  Open Directory: Parasites  
  Parasitic Diseases - Karolinska Institute  
  Parasite World  
  The WWW Virtual Library: Plant Parasitic Nematodes  
  Russian Parasitology Links  
  Sites Externes en Rapport avec la Recherche au Laboratoire de Biologie Parasitaire, Protistologie, Helminthologie, MNHN In French
  Yahoo: Parasitology  


General Parasitology

  Introduction to Parasitology  
  Parasiticides - the Anthelmintics  
  Eco-ethoparasitology - Eko-etoparasitologická pracovní skupina (In Czech)
  Healthopedia: Infections (Infectious Diseases)  
  Marine Parasitology in Chile  
  Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Network for Parasitology  
  Search the US National Parasite Collection  
  Collection Search - Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology  
  Checklist of the Italian Fauna On-line See helminth groups under Invertebrates
  Parasites, parasites and more parasites from Japan  
  Parasite of the Month  
  The Parasite Database (D. Brooks)  
  Parasite Genome Database  
  Parasite Genome Archives  
  Quantitative Parasitology 3.0 Free downloadable software which provides statistically correct ways to describe parasitic infections
  Phylum Platyhelminthes  
  Mikko's Phylogeny Archive Main Groups of Organisms: Platyhelmithes Take care - out of date!
  A bibliography on ultrastructure of spermatoza of parasitic Platyhelminthes [Justine]  
  Worm Systematics Resource Network (WSRN)  
  Zoonoses (Daniel Shapiro) Large Resource
  Zoonoses - Endo- and Ecto-parasites (Clive Bennett)  
  Zoonotic Diseases - UCSB Office of Research  


Host Groups


Fish/Shellfish Diseases

  Diseases of crabs  
  Blue Crab Diseases: "Pepper Spot" Disease  
  Aquatic Diseases, University of Stirling  
  General fish parasitology PDF
  Fish Parasitology; Veterinary Medical Research Institute, Budapest  
  Bunkley-Williams, L. & Williams, E.H. Jr. 1994. Parasites of Puerto Rican Freshwater Sport Fishes Free - online book
  J. Richard Arthur & Abu Tweb A. Ahmed - Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Bangladesh Free - online monograph
  Aquatic Vaccines, University of Stirling  
  Fishing for Information: Aquatic Science Resource Guide  
  The Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center Home Page  
  Dr Pez - Diseases of Aquarium Fishes (in Spanish)  
  Aquatic Disease: A Veterinary Medical Primer Incomplete
  Fish Disease Movies  
  Deep-sea fish parasites  
  Parasites, infections and diseases of fishes in Africa: An update  
  Common Fish Diseases  
  Sustainable Control of Fish Diseases in Aquaculture  
  A systematic survey of the metazoan parasites of elasmobranchs from the Sea of Cortez  
  Diseases of Farmed Goldfish and Koi  
  How to Submit Shellfish and Crustaceans for Disease Diagnosis  
  How to Submit Fish for Disease Diagnosis  
  Synopsis of Infectious Diseases and Parasites of Commercially Exploited Shellfish  
  Protocols for Measuring Biodiversity: Parasites of Fishes in Fresh Water  
  Introduction to Freshwater Fish Parasites PDF
  Biodiversité des parasites de poissons Short film in French featuring J.-L. Justine
  Non-Indigenous Species in the Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem  
  Fish Disease Diagnosis  
  Government of Japan Fish Disease Control Project  
  Seafood Safety  

Animal Parasites/Diseases

  NHM Host-Parasite Database (helminths)  
  The RVC/FAO Guide to Veterinary Diagnostic Parasitology  
  Digenean parasites of jellyfish and ctenophores  
  Parasitic Worms of Insects  
  Wildlife Information Network (Wildpro) Contains disease information for different groups of animals
  Wildlife Information Network (Wildpro) List of Parasitic Diseases  
  Bibliography of Parasites and Vertebrate Hosts in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (1893 - 1984): LF Mayberry, AG Canaris, JR Bristol & SL Gardner PDF file
  Bibliography of Helminth Species Described from African Vertebrates 1800-1967 by Canaris & Gardner PDF file. Warning: Full of errors.
  Amphibian Diseases Home Page  
  Parasites of Australian turtles  
  USGS-National Wildlife Health Center: Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases: General Field Procedures and Diseases of Birds Chapters available in PDF format
  An Overview of Avian Pathology  
  Common Bird Parasites: Treatment and Prevention  
  Common External Parasites in Poultry: Lice and Mites  
  Parasite Biology and Epidemiology Laboratory, Livestock and Poultry Sciences Institute, USDA  
  Bird Schistosomes  
  Global Mammal Parasite Database May not work with older browsers
  Parasites of the Pets and Domestictaed Mammals  
  Pet Health  
  Parasites in Rabbits  
  Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Domestic Animals (On-Line Book)  
  Distribution and impact of helminth diseases of livestock in developing countries On-line monograph
  Diseases of Sheep  
  Parasites of Swine  
  Controlling Parasites of Horses  
  Parasites of Horses In Spanish
  Veterinary Parasites  
  Veterinary Ectoparasites Links  
  Veterinary Endoparasite Links  

Human Parasites/Diseases

  The Carter Center: Health Programs  
  WHO Informal Working Groups on Echinococcosis (Echinonet)  
  Delusional Parasitosis  
  Neurocutaneous Syndrome  
  Fish Disease and Human Health  
  Parasites in Food  
  General Parasitology - Cambridge University  
  Healthopedia: Infections (Infectious Diseases)  
  CDC DPDx: Parasites and Health: Parasites on Other Sites  
  Medical Ecology Trichinella and Malaria
  Medical Ectoparasite Links  
  Medical Endoparasite Links  
  Herbal Remedies  
  Resources for Parasitic Diseases  
  Parasitic Infections Info (Protozoa)  
  Infectious cases of the month  
  Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques  
  La Maladie du Sommeil (Sleeping Sickness) Major resource on Trypanosomiasis (in French)
  Seafood Safety  
  National Unidentified Skin Parasite Association  
  Tropical Diseases Ring HomePage  


  Animal And Human Parasite Images , Kansas State University  
  BNPCU Image Gallery - Strongyloid nematodes  
  CELLS Alive! Protozoa  
  CDC DPDx Parasite Image Library  
  SUNET Animal Photos FTP site - Huge collection of images of hosts
  Atlas of Medical Parasitology  
  The Parasitic Rogue Gallery! Human parasites - very limited!
  Parasitological Diagnostics Aid Page Mainly graphics; some animated
  Veterinary Parasitology Images Gallery. Arthropoda: Insecta and Acari  
  The Alder Woodwasp & its Insect Enemies Educational film


Institutes & Organizations

  "Prince Leopold" Institute of Tropical Medicine and "Leopold II" Hospital, Antwerp  
  Istituto di Nematologia Agraria Applicata ai Vegetali  
  USDA Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory, Beltsville  
  Institute of Parasitology, University of Berne  
  CABI Biosciences  
  Marine Parasitology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia  
  Veterinary Medical Research Institute, Budapest  
  Department of Nematology, University of California - Riverside  
  Parasite Genome Lab., Cambridge  
  Schistosomiasis Research Group, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge  
  DPDx - CDC Parasitology Diagnostic Website  
  Department of Parasitology, Chiang Mai University  
  Inst. of Parasitology, Czech Acad. of Science  
  Danish Centre for Experimental Parasitology  
  The Blaxter Nematode Genetics Lab at ICAPB, Edinburgh  
  Parasitology at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg  
  Institute of Arthropodology and Parasitology, Georgia Southern University  
  Parasitology Research Group, University of Glasgow  
  Department of Parasitology, Sun Yat-sen Univ. of Medical Sciences, Guangzhou  
  Laboratory of Parasitology, The Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University  
  Parasitology, Inst. for Experimental Pathology, Keldur, Univ. of Iceland [in Icelandic]  
  Department of Parasitology, School of Medicine, Ege University, Izmir  
  Department of Ecology and Parasitology, University of Karlsruhe  
  Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology, University of Keele  
  Parasitology Working Group, Zoological Institute, University of Kiel  
  Division of Parasitology, Kimron Veterinary Institute, Israel  
  The Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology, Lincoln, Nebraska  
  Institute of Ecology, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  Institute of Parasitology, McGill University
  Institute for Medical Research, Division of Parasitology, Malaysia
  Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo       (Japanese version)
  National Center for Infectious Diseases  
  Evolution of Parasitology, Universidade Federal do Paraná  
  Laboratory of Biology of Parasites, Protistology and Helminthology, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris  
  Secção de Patologia Animal, Departamento de Zoologia e Antropologia, Porto  
  Schistosome Group Prague Alt UR
  Fish Parasitology Research Group, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro  
  Scottish Crop Research Institute  
  Parasite Biodiversity Group, Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Sofia  
  The Institute of Experimental Pathology and Parasitology, Sofia  
  Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling  
  Parasitology Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences  
  Department of Parasitic Worms, Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, St Petersburg  
  Parasitology Laboratory, Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, St Petersburg  
  Laboratory of Protozoology, Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, St Petersburg  
  Department of International Health Development, Division of Public Health, Graduate School of Tokyo Medical and Dental University  
  U.S. National Parasite Collection  
  Warwick University Ecology and Epidemiology Group  
  WHO Infectious Diseases  
  Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich  


Lectures & Courses

  Course: Évolution des parasites et des relations hôtes-parasite - Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris Includes slides and documents 
  Parasitology Online: Michigan State University  
  Principles of Parasitism, Universities of Alberta & Calgary  
  Teaching charts of Rudolph Leuckart (1822-1898)  
  The Gorgas Course in Clinical Tropical Medicine (Peru)  
  Clinical Tropical Medicine Expeditions to East Africa  

Parasite Groups



  Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques: The Amoebae  
  Blastocystis hominis  
  Ceratomyxa shasta Fact Sheet PDF file
  Chagas Disease  
  Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques: The Ciliates, Coccidia and Microsporidia  
  Cryptosporidium/Coccidial Research  
  The Coccidia of the World (includes images, etc) Huge Resource
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Renal Coccidiosis PDF file
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Intestinal Coccidiosis PDF file
  Guide to the Parasitic Dinoflagellates of Crustacea  
  Diagnosing Medical Parasites Through Coprological Techniques: The Flagellates  
  Giardia life-cycle (cartoon)  
  The Gregarines: A generic level review PDF
  Hotel Intestine - Gregarine Information Server  
  On-Line Gregarine Identification Keys: Gregarines of Nebraska Damselflies  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Haemosporidiosis PDF file
  Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (White Spot) Infections in Fish  
  Leishmania Links  
  Leishmania life-cycle (cartoon)  
  Malaria Foundation International: Global Networking Against Malaria  
  Medical Ecology: Malaria  
  Myxozoan Network  
  Myxozoan Network  
  The Spraguea lophii Genome Survey  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Sarcocystis PDF file
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Trichomoniasis PDF file
  La Maladie du Sommeil (Sleeping Sickness) Major resource on Trypanosomiasis (in French)
  The Trypanosoma brucei Genome Project  
  Immunopathology of the Trypanosoma cruzi Infectious Process  
  The Trypanosoma cruzi Proteome Classification and Analysis  


  Monogenean classification (Russian)  
  GyroDb - A home for gyrodactylids on the web  
  Gyrodactylus salaris  
  Octomacrum life-cycle (cartoon)  
  The phylogenetic position of Sundanonchus  
  Tetraonchus life-cycle (cartoon)  
  Van Beneden illustration of Udonella  
  List of Monogeneans in the Collections of the MNHN, Paris  
  Phylogeny of the Monopisthocotylea and Polyopisthocotylea (Platyhelminthes) inferred from 28S rDNA sequences  
  Phylogénie des Monogènes (Platyhelminthes): apport des caractères spermatologiques et moléculaires. Thèse, Juin 2000  




  Trematode parasites: what is their genesis? Creationist view
  Digenean parasites of jellyfish and ctenophores  
  Alaria life-cycle (cartoon)  
  Echinostoma life-cycle (cartoon)  
  Fasciola Home-page  
  Fasciola Life-cycle  
  Complex life cycles in heterophyid trematodes: structural and developmental design in the Ascocotyle complex of species  
  Microphallus basodactlyophallus with hyperparasite Urosporidium crescens in crabs  
  WHO: Schistosomiasis  
  Schistosomiasis fact sheet  
  Molecular biology of schistosomes  
  Schistosome Group, Prague  
  Schistosomiasis Research Group, University of Cambridge  
  Geographical Distribution of Schistosomiasis  
  Schistosoma life-cycle (cartoon)  
  Bird Schistosomes and Cercarial Dermatitis  
  Schistosome Group Prague. Information on bird schistosomes and cercarial dermatitis  
  Growth Alteration in Snails Infected with Trematodes  
  Trematode Life Cycles  


  NSF-PEET - Monography of the Diphyllidea, Lecanicephalidea, and Tetraphyllidea - A program to train cestodologists of the future.  
  Monography of the Diphyllidea, Lecanicephalidea and Tetraphyllidea A programme to train cestodologists of the future
  Searchable database of information on 808 nominal species in 130 different genera of the orders Tetraphyllidea, Lecanicephalidea and Diphyllidea  
  A-Z Guide to Parasitilogy: The Cestodes  
  Diphyllobothrium latum (Seafood Safety)  
  WHO Informal Working Groups on Echinococcosis (Echinonet)  
  Echinococcus Includes animation
  "Tommi Tapeworm" For children
  Out of Africa: The Origins of the Tapeworms (Taenia)


  NEMBASE2 Nematode specific database resource
  Common Names of Nematodes  
  Nematodes of veterinary importance (links)  
  Anisakis simplex (Seafood Safety)  
  Search the Brugia Cluster Database  
  Caenorhabditis elegans WWW Server  
  Wormworld: University of California, San Francisco Caenorhabditis
  Camallanus cotti  
  Plates of "Trichosoma ou Calodium" (Nematoda Capillariinae) from Dujardin (1845)  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Heartworm in swans and geese PDF file
  Taxonomy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes (U. of Florida)  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Eustrongylidosis PDF file
  Eustrongylides (Seafood Safety)  
  Small Genomes ... at The Blaxter Nematode Genetics Lab ICAPB Necator, Trichuris, Ascaris, Trichinella, Loa & Litomosoides
  Filarial Genome Network (FilGenNet)  
  Onchocerciasis (OnchoNet)  
  BiblioFil - Onchocerciasis and Filariasis Bibliography  
  Filarial Biology and Pathology  
  The Blaxter Nematode Genetics Lab at ICAPB  
  BlaxterLab Nematode Blast Server  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Gizzard worms PDF file
  Pseudoterranova decipiens (Seafood Safety)  
  Search nematode collection in Nat. Hist. Museum, Paris (experimental)  
  Morphology and Taxonomy of Entomopathogenic Nematodes  
  Symbiotic Bacteria of Entomopathogenic nematodes  
  Steinernema and Heterorhabditis Species  
  Termite nematode Neosteinernema longicurvicauda  
  Nematode Identification: Diplogasterida  
  Nematode Identification: Rhabditida, Rhabditina  
  Nematode Identification: Rhabditida, Cephalobina  
  Plant Parastic & Insect Nematode Homepage, U. of Nebraska  
  The Nematode Family Rhabdiasidae  
  Worm Systematic Resources Network  
  NEMABASE: Host-Nematode Database (Plant Parasitic)  
  Key to freshwater and plant parasitic nematodes  
  The WWW Virtual Library: Plant Parasitic Nematodes Large Resource
  Plant-parasitic Nematode Information  
  Molecular identification of plant parasitic nematodes using PCR-RFLP of rDNA ITS  
  Morphological identification of plant parasitic nematodes  
  Paul's Bizarre Worm Bazaar, A Selection of Fine Worms  
  Toxocara canis  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Tracheal worms PDF file
  The Trichinella Page Nice!
  International Commission on Trichinellosis  
  Worm Systematic Resource Network (maintained nematode stocks)  
  Wormwood - A resource for nematode phylogeny  


  Gordiids: Ohio State University Fact Sheet  
  Horsehair Worms  
  Phylum Nematomorpha  


  Acanthocephala (Bahram Dezfuli)  
  Online Zoologists: Phylum Acanthocephala  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Acanthocephaliasis PDF file
  Acanthocephalans and Rotifers Provide Clues for the Study of Evolution of Animal Parasites  


  Guide to the Parasitic Isopods of Crustacea  
  Sealice control on fish-farms  
  Sea Lice Fact Sheet  
  World of Copepods  


  Headlice Information  
  Mange and Myiasis in Livestock  
  Theileriosis in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa On-line monograph
  Parasitic wasps  
  The Alder Woodwasp & its Insect Enemies Educational film
  Arthrpopod vectors  
  Liste des Nouveaux Taxa Décrits par le Dr Alex Fain  


  Leech Phylogeny & Leech Links  
  Biopharm - Medical leeches  
  Fileld Manual of Wildlife Diseases: Nasal leeches PDF file
  Effect of ale, garlic and soured cream on the appetite of leeches  
  "Larry Leech" For children


  Dicyemid mesozoans  

Microbiology The Microbiology Information Portal
  Microbiology Web Sites  
  Microbial Genome Program  
  Molecular Systematics and Evolution of Micro-organisms With glossary & links




Lists of Parasitologists

  Search Membership List of the American Society of Parasitology  
  Directory of Canadian Parasitologists  
  Chilean Marine Parasitologists  
  French Society of Parasitology: e-mail addresses of members As of 2001
  Iranian Parasitologists  
  Membership Lists of the Korean Society for Parasitology  
  World Parasitologsists  
  The Society of Nematologists Includes membership list
  Rumor's Room for Parasitologists Japanese
  Finding Reprint Authors' E-Mail Addresses  


Personal pages

  Martin Adamson  
  John Vincent Aliff  
  Chris Arme  
  Juan Balbuena  
  John Barrett  
  John Barta  
  Oleg Bauer (Deceased)  
  Clive Bennett  
  Ian Beveridge  
  David Blair  
  Mark Blaxter  
  Andre Bochkov  
  Simon Brooker  
  Dan Brooks  
  Ash Bullard  
  Lucy Bunkley-Williams  
  Jo Cable  
  Janine Caira    
  Leslie Chisholm  
  Anindo Choudhury  
  C. Graham Clark  
  Richard E. Clopton  
  David Cone  
  Graça Costa  
  Peter Darben  
  Peter Daszak  
  Paul De Ley  
  Yves Desdevises  
  Sherwin Desser  
  Bahram Dezfuli  
  Alistair Dove  
  Norman Dronen  
  Louis Du Preez  
  Don Duszynski  
  Iva Dyková  
  Gerry Esch  
  Fish Parasitologist of the Month  
  Jaroslav Flegr  
  Bill Font  
  Hidetaka Furuya  
  Alex Galkin  
  Scott Gardner  
  Milan Gelnar  
  Boyko Georgiev  
  Pavel Gerasev  
  David Gibson  
  Tim Goater  
  Alexander Gorbushin  
  Ellis Greiner  
  Phil Harris  
  Craig Hayward  
  Sherman Hendrix  
  Dave Hoole  
  David Humber  
  Hilary Hurd  
  Tine Huyse  
  David Johnston  
  Bob Kabata - the movie Biography
  Graham Kearn  
  James E. Keirans  
  Mike Kent  
  Vitaliy Kharchenko  
  Marianne Køie  
  Elena Kornakova  
  Aneta Kostadinova  
  Yuriy Kuzmin  
  Tetyana Kuzmina  
  Ivan Levakin  
  John Lewis  
  Susan Lim  
  Anne Lockyer  
  Jiri Lom  
  Jeffrey Lotz  
  Jaakko Lumme  
  Marion Haruko Machado  
  John S. Mackiewicz  
  Sandeep K. Malhotra  
  Andrey Marchenkov  
  Simonetta Mattiucci  
  Aaron Maule  
  Graham Medley  
  Tor Atle Mo  
  Frantisek Moravec  
  Teodor Odhner (1879-1928) In Swedish
  Peter Olson Olson Lab
  Robin Overstreet  
  Rod Page  
  Harry Palm  
  Vlada Peneva  
  Gerardo Pérez Ponce de León  
  Irina Podvyaznaya  
  Oleg Pugachev  
  Amilcar Arandas Rego  
  Klaus Rohde  
  Ruslan Salmatin  
  Cláudia Portes Santos  
  Helmut Sattmann  
  Tomas Scholz  
  Jeffrey Shields  
  Mark Siddall  
  Robert Sinden  
  Rick Speare  
  Vaughan Southgate  
  Patricia Stock  
  Bernd Sures  
  Zdzislaw Swiderski  
  Jouni Taskinen  
  Tatjana Timofeeva  
  Vasyl Tkach  
  Tellervo Valtonen  
  Gergana Vasileva  
  Phil Whitfield  
  Patrick Woo  





The usefulness of these varies. Some journals give little more than subscription information. Many, however, give Tables of Contents (TOCs) for recent issues, and some permit downloading of abstracts. Some journals are On-Line (OL) and permit the text of entire articles to be downloaded.
  Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria TOC,Abstr  
  Acta Parasitologica TOC, Abstr Online since 2006 from Springer
  Acta Tropica TOC, Abstr. OL
  Agricultural Research Magazine TOC,OL  
  AMEDEO: The Medical Literature Guide - Parasitic Diseases TOC, Abstr. For numerous journals, free service, can be e-mailed to you
  AMEDEO: Malaria TOC, Abstr. For relevant journals, free service, can be e-mailed to you
  Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology TOC, OL  
  Avain Diseases TOC, Abstr, OL  
  Avain Pathology TOC, Abstr, OL  
  Boletín Chileno de Parasitología TOC, OL To become: Parasitología Latinoamericana
  Comparative Parasitology TOC Formerly Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington
  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms TOC  
  Ecologiya Morya TOC, OL  
  Elsevier Parasitology Journals    
  European Journal of Epidemiology    
  Experimental Parasitology TOC, OL
  Experimental Pathology and Parasitology TOC, OL Free PDFs 1998-2001
  Filaria Journal TOC, OL Now: Parasites & Vectors
  Folia Parasitologica TOC, Abstr.
  Helminthologia TOC, Abstr. Online since 2006 from Springer
  Infection, Genetics and Evolution   OL
  International Ichthyoparasitological Newsletter  
  International Journal of Pest Management TOC, OL
  Invertebrate Systematics TOC, OL
  Iranian Journal of Parasitology TOC, OL
  The Journal of Agricultural Research (1913-1949) TOC, OL
  International Journal for Parasitology TOC, Abstr., OL (Free PDF files of thematic issues, e.g. Parasite Genomes) Alt. TOC; OL free to subscribers from Science Direct; OL
  Journal of the Egyptian German Society of Zoology: Invertebrate Zoology & Parasitology    
  Journal of Fish Diseases TOC  
  Journal of Helminthology TOC,OL  
  Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington TOC Now Comparative Parasitology
  Journal of Natural History TOC, OL  
  Journal of Nematology TOC  
  Journal of Parasitic Diseases TOC TOC of latest issue only
  Journal of Parasitology TOC, OL Partial archive
  Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology OL
  The Korean Journal of Parasitology    
  Malaria and Infectious Diseases in Africa TOC, OL On-line journal
  Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz TOC, OL OL free Alternative site; Free Archive (1909-1995)
  Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology TOC, OL OL
  Molecular Microbiology TOC  
  Nematologia Mediterranea TOC  
  Nematology Newsletter OL  
  Nematology TOC, OL  
  Nematology Journal Collection    
  Newsletter. Nematode Genomics in Edinburgh   PDF file
  The Open Parasitology Journal TOC, OL Open access
  Parasite TOC  
  Parasite Immunology TOC Alt. TOC
  Parasites & Vectors TOC, OL Filaria Journal
  Parasitologia al Dia TOC, OL Now: Parasitología Latinoamericana
  Parasitologia Latinoamericana TOC, OL  
  Parasitololgy Online OL The following on-line: Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, Acta Tropica, International Journal for Parasitology, Parasitology International, Veterinary Parasitology, Trends in Parasitology
  Parasitology International TOC, Abstr, OL [Formerly Japanese Journal of Parasitology]  
  Parasitology Research   TOC, OL Alt. OL
  Parassitologia   -   Parassitologia Online    
  Parasitology Today   [Now:Trends in Parasitology]; OL
  Parazitologiya TOC, Abstr.  
  Progress of Medical Parasitology in Japan   See also
  Protist   [Formerly Archiv für Protistenkunde]
  Protozoological Abstracts    
  Research and Reviews in Parasitology   Guidelines only
  Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária TOC, OL Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology
  Russian Journal of Nematology TOC  
  Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health TOC, OL  
  Systematic Parasitology TOC, OL  
  Trends in Parasitology   [ Fomerly Parasitology Today], OL
  Tropical Diseases Bulletin    
  Türkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi    
  Trypnews TOC, OL  
  Vestnik Zoologii TOC, Abstr TOC, Abstr
  Veterinary Parasitology TOC Alt TOC; OL
  ZooKeys OL
  Zoosystema TOC TOC in English and French
  Zootaxa OL
  Electronic Journals in Biology  
  Genamics JournalSeek   Large Resource: Journals, Impact factors, Links to TOCs, etc.


Books/CD ROMs

  Bunkley-Williams, L. & Williams, E.H. Jr. 1994. Parasites of Puerto Rican Freshwater Sport Fishes Free - online.
  William T Close "EBOLA"  
  Despommier, Gwadz, Hotez & Knirsch "Parasitic Diseases (4th Edition)."  
  K.V. Galaktionov and A.A. Dobrovolskij "The Origin and Evolution of the Trematode Life Cycle." In Russian
  K.V. Galaktionov and A.A. Dobrovolskij "The Biology and Evolution of Trematodes. An Essay on the Biology, Morphology, Life Cycles, Transmissions, and Evolution of Digenetic Trematodes."  
  D.I. Gibson "Guide to the parasites of fishes of Canada: Trematoda"  
  D.I. Gibson, A. Jones & R.A. Bray (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 1"  
  A. Jones, R.A. Bray & D.I. Gibson (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 2"  
  R.A. Bray, D.I. Gibson & A. Jones (Eds) "Keys to the Trematoda. Vol. 3"  
  Parasites of Fishes in the Canadian Waters of the Great Lakes, Edited By Stephen J. Nepszy Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Lake Erie Fisheries Research Station:TECHNICAL REPORT No. 51 Great Lakes Fishery. PDF file
  S. Straka, P. Dubinský & T. Baska "A Handbook of Ovoscopic Diagnosis of Intestinal Helminths"  
  Dictionary of Infectious Diseases (CD-ROM)  
  I. Paperna - Parasites, infections and diseases of fishes in Africa: An update  
  Patrick Woo (Ed.) "Fish diseases and disorders". Vols I-III.  
  Synopsis of Infectious Diseases and Parasites of Commercially Exploited Shellfish  
  Plates from Ancient Parasitology Books  
  Veterinary Books from Elsevier Health  





  The WFP List of Societies  
  The American Society of Parasitologists  
  The American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene  
  Asociación Parasitológica Argentina  
  Federation of Asian Parasitologists(FAP)  
  The Australian Society for Parasitology  
  Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology  
  The Belgian Society of Protozoology  
  Sociedade Brasileira de Parasitologia  
  The British Section of the Society of Protozoologists  
  The British Society for Parasitology  
  The Bulgarian Society for Parasitology  
  Canadian Society of Zoologists, Parasitology Section  
  Parasitología Marina Chile  
  Czech Society for Parasitology  
  European Federation of Parasitologists
  Federation of European Microbiological Societies  
  Société Française de Parasitologie  
  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parasitologie  
  The Helminthological Society of Washington  
  The Indian Society for Parasitology  
  International Federation of Nematology Societies  
  International Society for Evolutionary Protistology  
  Società Italiana di Parassitologia  
  The Japanese Society of Parasitology  
  The Korean Society for Parasitology  
  Netherlands Society for Parasitology  
  New Zealand Society for Parasitology  
  Polskie Towarzystwo Parazytologiczne  
  The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene  
  The Russian Society of Nematologists  
  Society of Parasitologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences  
  The Society of Nematologists Includes membership list
  Slovak Society for Parasitology In Slovak
  SouthEastern and Easterm European Parasitologsits  
  Parasitological Society of Southern Africa (PARSA)  
  Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology  
  Ukrainian Scientific Society of Parasitologists  
  The World Federation of Parasitologists  






  Parasite Song
  Buzz Poets  
  Parasite -moi (sunglasses)
  Les parasites - French film
  Parasite Eve Video Game
  Parasite Pals For children
  Infectious Disease T-shirts  
  The Nematode Songbook


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