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The focus of this guide is on Latinos in the US.


Very full listing of news items and current events relevant to Afro-Cuban issues of all kinds, with a focus on the arts, music, religion, literature, and folklore. Includes information on research trips to Cuba, visiting Cuban scholars, workshops, conferences, and festivals. In English; includes search engine.

If you are interested:  music course, religion courses, or literature courses

Annotated and well-organized long list of predominantly Mexican American Internet and Web resources, by librarian Molly Molloy. Includes some evaluative comments, and useful list of newsgroups and discussion lists. In English (bilingual main menu only); no search engine. Increasingly includes Latin American items.

Biographical information online and in Spanish on thousands of individuals worldwide, ranging from Aristotle to David Beckham. Good coverage of people from the Spanish-speaking world, including the US. Includes illustrations.

  • CANFNet (Cuban American National Foundation Net)

CANF is the largest Cuban American organization in the United States; this website functions as a clearinghouse for CANF publications, editorials, articles, news and opinions, some of which are available in PDF format and streaming audio. Parallel sites in English or in Spanish; no search engine. Updated hourly.

Well-organized website provides information about this major Puerto Rican research institute at Hunter College / CUNY. Includes contents listing for Centro Journal, the major US research journal in Puerto Rican studies; a publications catalog; information about the Centro library and archival collections, and much more research information.

Website from this research institute at CUNY describes its programs, publications, activities, and contact information. In English and Spanish.

Includes helpful links to US and Latin American financial news, job databases, demographic and business-related facts about US Latinos, resources and publications on technology, networking, education, and community resources. Focus is general US Latino and Latin American. Also includes selected full text articles from Hispanic Business Magazine. In English (some links in Spanish, Portuguese).

This excellent website links seventeen academic research institutes in the U.S. and Mexico that participate in IUPLR and focus on Latino research issues. Currently online are descriptions of the organization and its institutional members; numerous research working groups and their interests, select bibliographies on working group topics; their online newsletter, El Noticiero de IUPLR, and an excellent collection of Latino links focusing on policy and research organizations.

This state agency is charged with improving "...the quality of life of all Iowans by increasing statewide understanding of the social, cultural and economic contributions Latinos make in Iowa." Provides useful information for and about the growing Latino population in the state.

Website of this well-known research and policy institute at Michigan State University makes available many full-text papers and research notes, with a particular focus on midwestern Latino issues. It also culls together recent Latino-related news articles from elsewhere on the web, and maintains a collection of diverse Latino and Latin American web links. In English; includes search engine.

The website of this well-known organization functions as a clearinghouse to their own weekly policy briefs, and includes much useful information such as a Congressional scorecard (detailing Senate and House votes by state and name), sections on immigration, Puerto Rico and the statehood question, voter rights, "English Plus," briefs on upcoming legislation relevant to Latino populations, and much more. Very well designed and timely. In English; no search engine.

Biographical profiles on 21 selected US Latinas and Latin American women, ranging from Julia Alvarez, Cristina García, Mary Helen Ponce, and Gloria Estefan to the ubiquitous Frida Kahlo and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Includes many web links for each profile.

Well-organized Web site from this policy focused organization provides extensive annotated lists of NCLR publications for sale, news briefs on issues such as health, education, immigration, and policy, and an unannotated list of other Web sites of interest. In English; includes search engine.

Exciting multimedia collection of oral histories, video clips, scholarly lectures, and chronologies detailing 20th century Puerto Rican history and experiences of the Puerto Rican diaspora in the United States.

From Iowa State University, this helpful website presents current census data and information about the state of Iowa, counties in Iowa, and incorporated places. It features selected demographic trends across the state and by specific place. You can easily search the SETA website for Latino demographics. Broad data from other midwestern states are also included.

Excellent portal based in Spain, with offices across Latin America and the US. Full news service, and many familiar portal services. At the bottom of Terra's main page, links lead directly to Terra country-specific portal sites, including Argentina, Colombia, Chile, España, México, Perú, the U.S. (which allows users to choose Spanish or English language), and Venezuela. Search engine is reliable and very fast at all these content-rich sites.

Website of this well-known institute makes available current statistics, full-text reports, current research topics, and briefings on diverse topics, such as Latinos and Internet use; college admissions and affirmative action; language issues; Latinos and the media; and presidential politics and voter turnout. Many publications are also available for purchase. In English, with some sections in Spanish; includes search engine.

Spanish-language version of Yahoo that focuses on classification and retrieval of websites written in Spanish, with a special focus on Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. In Spanish.

Puerto Rican-focused portal, with linkages to the excellent online newspaper, El Nuevo Día Interactivo, for news stories. Also includes coverage of popular leisure topics, such as entertainment, wellness, technology, and games. In Spanish; includes local search engine for ZONAi's own archives, with links provided to major Internet search engines and directories.

Electronic Journals, E-News

Formerly called Borderlines, this website still provides access to scholarly articles on environmental health, climate changes, immigration law, politics, and related topics concerning the Mexico - US border. From New Mexico. Fully bilingual with parallel sites in English and in Spanish.

Stylish literary and cultural e-journal, formerly hosted by the now defunct Electric Mercado. While this online literary magazine's previous focus was on Chicano and Mexican issues and literature, it has now broadened to cover topics such as Cuban Americans and music, the political situation in Vieques, P.R., and to feature profiles on individuals such as Pedro Almodóvar, Gabriel García Márquez, and Isabel Allende. In English; now includes search engine powered by Google, that allows searches in El Andar itself or the wider web.

Outstanding Latin music radio site, with non-stop music programming available via RealPlayer. Separate stations are currently available for Latin hip-hop, rock en español, banda y mariachi, salsa y música tropical, and Latin pop. Site also includes interactive chat features, playlists, and occasional profiles of artists. Parallel sites in Spanish and in English.

Miami newspaper dedicated to "la libertad de Cuba" covers Cuban and Cuban American politics, and many other topics including sports, health, arts & entertainment, and more. In Spanish.

Online version of this non-profit newsletter - magazine based in Puerto Rico, which features essays on current situations in Cuba. The newsletter supports independent Cuban journalism, and takes a decided anti-Castro stance. Includes news updates for major cities in Cuba; signed essays are written mostly by Cuban writers living in exile. Includes archived files dating back to 1999. In Spanish.

Online version of this venerable US Latino newspaper, from New York. Back issues and articles (1992-present) also available via Ethnic NewsWatch database. In Spanish; selected articles in English.

Cuban- and Cuban American-focused newspaper from Miami, that includes a great deal of Latin American news as well. Includes sections typical to newspapers such as sports and editorials, but also includes "Notas evangélicas and Cuestiones gramaticales. Also includes links elsewhere, with some general US Latino information. In Spanish.

One of the leading journals to focus on worldwide racial and ethnic studies issues. Full text coverage of this important journal begins with volume 21, January 1998, to the present. Back years of print version are available in Parks Library under the following call number: HT1501 E8

Now available online, via ISU Parks Library's subscription to Project MUSE. HAHR is the leading scholarly journal in English on Latin American history; occasionally includes U.S. Latino history articles and reviews as well. Back issues are available via JStor. Back print issues of this journal are available in Parks Library: F1401 .H62

Electronic version of this business magazine includes links to some of the feature articles and news stories included in the print version. Many stories also include relevant links elsewhere. In English.

A leading journal for US Latino sociological and behavioralist research. Includes full text for volume 21, number 1 (February 1999) - present. Includes search features specific to article level or entire journal. Back print issues of this journal are available in Parks Library: RC451.5 H57 H58

Electronic version of the well-known magazine, now included within the larger Hispanic Online portal. Regular features include columns on business, technology (which includes website reviews), careers, and leisure pursuits. In English; includes search engine, plus links to Vista and Hispanic Trends magazines.

Undoubtedly one of the leaders in terms of delivering quality content and information, and perhaps the only one to do so in English. Offers typical portal services, but with its many publications - including Hispanic Magazine, Vista, and others - this portal has a distinct advantage over others in providing authoritative and lengthy articles. In English; includes search engine for portal contents only.

Opinion pieces and news on topics of the day. Previously, this news service linked to news articles, information and services of interest from elsewhere on the Web, and frequently on non-Latino issues. In English.

Hola! magazine, from Spain, presents world entertainment and fashion news in Spanish. Some features and articles from previous issues are available to subscribers only.

Literary journal created by critic Ilán Stavans presents online essays on Latin American, Latin American Jewish, and US Latino identities and cultures, available full text via ISU Parks Library's subscription to Project MUSE. Coverage dates from volume 1, 1999 - present. In English.

"La primera revista electrónica salvadoreña," from Miami. Previously called Guanaquiemos and hosted by Qué, this is an impressive literary and cultural website for Salvadorans. Regular features include news articles, and columns on history, nuestra gente, book lists, humor, cooking, popular medicine, and other topics; in Spanish.

An extensive Latin music site with a focus on salsa, tropical, and contemporary Latin pop and rock music. Features interviews, reviews, New York live music club guide, and suggested resources. In English, with some sections in Spanish. Previously called Latin Music ¡OnLine!

Electronic version of the popular fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at young Latinas. Full text articles provided for some back issues only; current and more recent issues provide selected table of contents and interactive features, but not the stories or feature articles themselves. Lots of ads clutter the home page. In English, with some bilingual features; includes search engine.

Excellent site provides access to sound files and some text transcripts of Latino USA's radio recent programs on diverse topics such as Latinos in unions, Colombians in Miami, the political situation in Puerto Rico, and Latino baseball players in the Negro Major Leagues. Requires RealAudio Player, and Adobe Acrobat for some text files. In English.

Features news articles on various US Latino groups and topics in its "Latino Reporter" section; includes professional information for organization members regarding conferences. In English.

One of the best online daily newspapers, from Miami. Includes Cuban section, news of interest to many Latino groups in the Miami area, as well as international, national, and regional news, cultural information, and services. In Spanish.

Digital radio news program from Pacifica Radio Network News focuses on the political status of Puerto Rico and its small island of Vieques, long the site of a U.S. military base whose activities have had a negative impact on the economy and health of local residents. In 1999, the military accidentally shelled and killed a Puerto Rican resident and wounded others. Recorded news features detail protests of the Puerto Rican people seeking to have the base and the U.S. occupancy removed. Requires RealAudio Player. Also includes facts and statistics concerning Puerto Rico and its people. In English.

Online weekly edition of this newspaper from Texas. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Electronic version of this newspaper from Chicago features articles on regional and national US Latino issues and events, and Latin American news coverage, with an emphasis on Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. One of the most inclusive newspapers in terms of Latino groups covered. In Spanish, with parallel site in English; no search engine.

Online newsletter, each issue of which features numerous Latino and Latin American websites of note. Also includes real questions and answers from librarians regarding Latino library issues and services.

Intelligent and flashy youth-oriented e-journal with long critical articles on music, culture, fashion, politics, and various manifestations of hip-hop ethnic pride, with a special focus on Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Cuban Americans, and other Latinos. Includes online bodega that sells t-shirts and other items. In English.




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