Key Resource Guide: Latin America

Latin America is one of the largest regions in the world. It covers the entire continent of South America, encompassing Central America, including Mexico. There are over 20 countries within this territory, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The total population is estimated to be around 569 million people. Portuguese, Spanish, and variations of French are commonly spoken in Latin America. Latin America hosts a variety of different cultures and is known for it's colorful and eclectic atmosphere. It is also home to some of the most famous civilizations of the ancient world, including the Mayans and the Incas. In his voyages, the great explorer Christopher Columbus is known to have landed in parts of Latin America on his way to the New World. The following is some useful information on Latin America, covering its geography, politics, economics, and cultures.

Geographical & Ethnographic Information

  • Interactive Map: A map of the central bio-cultural regions within ancient Latin America, this map provides information about plants, animals, climate, and land formations.
  • Physical Regions of South America: Covers different aspects of South American geography including mountains, highlands, river basins, and coastal plains.
  • Geography of Latin America: An overview of the different Latin American landforms with diagrams and pictures. 
  • Geography of Paraguay: Description of physical geography of Paraguay with map and links to its natural regions, rivers, and climate.
  • Environmental History: A resource center dedicated to the study of environmental history of Latin America with links to the Amazon, Brazil, Cono Sur, and videos.
  • Cultures of the Andes: Provides pictures, songs, information, and even a pronunciation guide from one of Latin America’s native peoples.
  • Latin American Anthropology Resources: A list of links to databases and other resources on Latin American anthropology.

Political Resources

  • CIA Factbook: Provides information on the governments of some South American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and more.
  • Political Links: A wealth of links covering many aspects of Latin America, including politics.
  • Women in Latin American Politics: A study on the changing role of women in Latin American politics by Mayra Buvinic and Vivian Roza for the Inter-American Development Bank
  • Dominican Government, Politics, and Law: A list of links to information about Dominican politics and more.
  • The Keefe Guide: Extensive collection of links on the political landscape of many Latin American countries.
  • Activism and Politics: A resource center on Latin American politics with news, analysis, articles, and many links with more information on the subject.
  • Latin American Constitutions: Comprehensive collections of links on the constitutions of every country in Latin America.
  • Political Science Research Resources: Great resource center with information on every country within South America.

Economic Resources

  • Economy in Latin America: Provides information about businesses, Internet ecommerce, management, statistics, and other topics related to the economy.
  • Statistical Resources: A compilation of statistics of Latin American countries and their economies.
  • Economic History: A study on the growth and changes in Latin America since it gained independence Victor Bulmer-Thomas of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
  • Human Development: A collection of essays on the economic situations in Latin American countries.
  • Economic Crisis in Latin America: The report by the United Nations Development Programme on how the current economic crisis is affecting Latin America and the steps taken to solve the problems. 
  • Economic Survey of Brazil: Excerpts from the survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Argentine Economy: An overview of the most important aspects of Argentina’s economy.
  • Guatemalan Economy: Provides information on the different aspects of Guatemala’s economy.
  • Chilean Economy: A detailed study on how the economic crisis in Chile has become an economic stagnation.

Cultural Resources

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