A Fun Selection of Mathematical Webquests

A Fun Selection of Mathematical Webquests

Webquests utilize the Internet and all the world-wide-web’s resources in order to obtain information to be used in a group project. A math Webquest focuses the project on math and uses relevant data to be used in varying mathematical exercises. They also involve students working in cooperation within a group to understand and study mathematics. Most math Webquests involve critical thinking and reasoning in order to reach the right conclusions. This involves problem solving, communication, corrections, representation, and reasoning, which meet the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics process standard.

Webquests are excellent tools for teachers; they offer a different approach and allow students to become more Internet savvy. Teachers can also use the websites available for the creation of webquests that can focus on the needs of the students in any particular classroom. There is flexibility to an assignment as it can be given on paper or on the web or using other multi-media software. The student becomes a creative researcher instead of just surfing the web. A well laid out Webquest makes students interested in learning. They have the power of the web behind the topic and Webquests let students work at their own pace, allowing for deeper exploration into any subject. It also teaches students the life long skill of working as a team; how to acquire the information they need to answer questions and/or solve problems and to reflect on the information they receive to come to the conclusion they desire.

Math, Who Needs It? Webquest A Webquest for 7th Grade Math – to give an opportunity to explore a career and look at how math is used with that career.

Middle School Webquests This site lists numerous Webquests, from currency to weather. Also has links to other age group Webquests.

Using Area and Perimeter This Webquest has you and a friend designing a house as an architect would do and gives you the links needed to explore.

Leaving the Nest. What Will It Cost Me? A Webquest for grades 11-12 Mathematics/Economics focusing on financing your own life after school.

The Case of the Missing Negative a city built of real and imaginary numbers – work with the square root negatives in this Webquest

Geometry in Real Life a Webquest designed for 9th grade math, using graphics, pictures and animated gifs.

Solve It With Logic a Webquest using evidence files from a crime scene. It takes evaluation, logic and reasoning to solve the murder.

Triangles Triangles are three-sided polygons. You are on a quest to discover some of the special properties of triangles.

Geometry Webquest Students can use this Webquet to learn basic geometry terms and fundamentals.

Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball a Comparing Statistics Webquest, your job is to find out statistics about the basketball teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Take Me Out to the Ballgame A Webquest for high school Statistics Classes – Find out who the best baseball hitter of all times is.

Math Magazine Webquest creating the first Math Magazine for teens, including articles, puzzles, challenge problems, ads and cartoons.

Dimensional Analysis Everyday applications - a problem-solving method that uses the fact that any number or expression can be multiplied by one without changing its value."

Trilingual Packaging Dilemma A geometry Webquest for high school students

A picture is worth a Zillion Words Goal: Make a graph using data from Internet sources. Use Excel, and a spreadsheet, to create the graph. Make a short presentation to explain the graph and its meaning.

Buying Your First Car A Web quest for 9th &10th Grade Computer Applications

Webquest Examples Grades 9-12 Math – Covers 29 different Web quests

Currency Exchange and The Gang of Fifteen this activity provides students with that opportunity as they "travel" around the world while changing currency.

Why on Earth Am I Taking Statistics? You will find applications of statistics in your career (major), personal life and future education. Includes links for if you would like to become a statistician for a career

Grades 3-5 Math lists over 50 Web quests, each rated with authors and grade/content areas.

Math in ITALY by using the suggested resources, you will have the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of mathematics through the viewpoint of the Italian culture

Math Webquest This Webquest is designed to help you learn what math Web quests are, how they are used, and how to create them.

Crack the Magic Code A Webquest for codes and patterns -Grade 4 Section Mathematics-Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Fun, Family Waterpark Vacation Math Webquest for sixth grade - For this activity you must use the computer to research three different indoor water park websites to determine the best deal for your fictional family and two out of state water parks.

Pumpkin Patch a second grade Webquest covering pumpkin facts, kinds and a math quiz.

Data Analysis and Statistics focused on elementary grades - Collect and explore data through counting, measuring and conducting surveys and experiments.

CESA 8 Webquest Matrix site covers a myriad of topics to use for your next Webquest.

Number and Number Sense 6th grade math resources – includes estimation, measurement, geometry, patterns, functions, and algebra.

Pre-Algebra Webquest explore math games on the Internet

Webquest For Kindergarten This Webquest will help you learn about money

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